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Mayor of London Jul 22
Khadija Saye was a talented young photographer who we lost tragically in the fire. Now have created a photography fellowship in her memory, with the aim of giving young people invaluable experience in the industry. Find out more here ↓
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Fire Brigades Union Jul 20
At the current rate, it will take 10 years to remove -style ACM cladding. It's shameful.
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Loz Argyle ⚓ 21m
Apparently at her final Cabinet meeting in Downing Street, Theresa May was thanked by her ministers for what she achieved including, waìt for it, tacking the "burning injustices" ok , go home migrant vans, she added to injustice ,we will never forget
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Fire Brigades Union Jul 22
. has seen his own government’s test results. He knows that some combinations of HPL cladding are flammable, just like the cladding on . It's shocking to see him shirk responsibility when questioned by
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MoreCurricular 8h
adult college saved with £32m government bailout
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Mat Corbett 7h
⁦.⁩ saved with £32m government bailout
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Ceramic Glass 1h
🤔 Important changes in attitudes in relation to fire safety have been called for following the fire in 2016.
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Grenfell Humanitarian Information Report Jul 16
Letter: Independent Site Mgt Lead to Secretary of State HCLG re: formal transfer of ownership of Grenfell site ‘members of the independent Site Management Team, who have been managing the site since July 2017, will be transferring to MHCLG to provide this continuity’
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Maggi Wolf 24h
Please share✊ 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚Lowkey ft. Kaia – GHOSTS OF GRENFELL 2 (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) via
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Braeden Gatt Jul 17
Explosive materials found in a Street residents.
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Mel Jul 18
Long delays to safety reforms ‘risk a repeat of ’ Ministers have made £s available for the removal of ACM cladding used on Grenfell but NOT other panels used on 100s of other buildings believed to be equally combustible. And are still being built,
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@housingformany Jul 21
when will the issue of stripping forests for timber be addressed? timber supply/ environment issues aside, after tall buildings constructed of wood is ludicris...
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CHeSS Events Jul 18
': Government changes controversial cladding advice'
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james landafont Jul 22
idea: make the outside of tall buildings climbable (downwards only) so that events like won’t happen
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West London CCG Jul 22
North Kensington GP Dr Meena Nathan gives an update on the NHS health advice following the initial findings from the environmental checks at the tower site, and encourages everyone to book in for an enhanced health check with their GP
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Graeme McBot Turner 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Jul 21
Replying to @scotpolitics @theSNP
Childish is applauding someone who's government policies have literally killed thousands of people, who have condemned more to austerity and food banks for rest of their lives. I and many thousands of other Scots support on this stance
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Steve Topple Jul 21
SO ⬇️📢 Here's editor-in-chief with discussing our success, the corporate press, & more Perfect viewing LINK BELOW ⬇️ DO SHARE PLS!
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CornwallHugsGrenfell Jul 21
Happy Birthday dearest Julyan Drew, mentor, advocate, singer, joker, warrior for , friend and Community Hero! We 💚 you!
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jolly_angelina Jul 20
Celotex insulation board executive was advisor to Sajid Javid Has anyone looked into this ?
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Claire Simmons Jul 20
This is false. Zero NHS on the panel today. No , no , no Outreach Team and no GP. ?
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Funny Tinge; Twitting Dinosaur 💚 🖐 Jul 19
Replying to @steve_hawkes
Just try and sneak that out there and hope no one will notice. Of course the press wont report it so hows anyone gonna know that the government doesnt not just care but isnt bothered that this could happen again.
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