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Sara A. Carter Aug 22
.’s Promises Complete by 2050 Cost: $16 Trillion What do you think of Bernie's plan? *Retweet with Comment*
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Emmy Jay Sep 5
Drive your car less. 🌳
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Lyndsey McKenna Aug 25
Let's all start giving a shit about the planet we share.
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DR. Aug 22
Unfortunately, those who believe that Bernie's will be beneficial to the United States will also expect a Participation Trophy after they vote. just sayin'
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HelloSusan Feb 15
GO HOME🤔 there’s a thought. I’m a New Yorker here and was blown away with your . Waste up Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore! Wow, You’re Scary!
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The Impatient Patriot/TIPtv Aug 22
Duped into our own demise - ' exposes him as globalist tool; pro globalist totalitarian technocracy "decarbonization" scheme. Without carbon there is no life. Duh.
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Read over the Communist Central Plan (, ' 2'). - No math calculations to verify. Made up numbers. - No hard science to back up anything. - No explanation of how it would be paid for, or total est. costs (Financing $16T @ 30 years @ 3% = $30.4 Trillion)
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Gringo Viejo Aug 23
Bernie Sanders' isn't everything it should be, but a) it's the closest thing to a serious plan produced by any Presidential Candidate running in 2020 b) he's the only candidate running in 2020 with a long and consistent track record on the issue.
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Woody the #fryguy Jun 30
Replying to @GregCipes
You are right there, the people will rise up and tell the politicians that, they need to go. New blood, new plans and new days need to come.
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Julie May 20
The along with magic money tree wld bankrupt the . Bartley pushing so-called angle - calls for -wide legislation for universal basic income set around £17k in the UK Time to &
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Emmy Jay Sep 3
Replying to @ewarren
Biking, walking and fair no fare transit need to be part of the
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TheMayorEU Dec 29
New fleet of green vehicles for administrative activities and new solar roofs for government buildings
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US Green KY Aug 23
We need a lotta forces to deal with the ecological disasters that is unfolding before our eyes.
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Peter McCue Dec 9
Replying to @diane_brennan
Not surprised Dismayed Don’t billionaire club realize the wealthiest 1% can’t buy clean plan Billionaires or a planet with a future
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SFEI - ASC May 10
SFEI's journal article on Green Stormwater Infrastructure featured as the Editor's Choice! -IT
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Justice Apr 11
Have you heard ‘Blackman Green Plan with Knowledge Divine’ by @just_ife on ? @blackmangreenplan
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Don Meares Aug 22
have promising for almost 100 yrs now! Everything they have promised has been an "unmitigated disaster"! $16 trillion will become $160 trillion & not a damn thing will change! "" is just another promise!
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The Asian American Project Jul 21
On the hottest weekend of 2019, the newly-constructed, $4 bil Hudson Yards subway station is blowing cold air unimpeded - wasteful!! What - and ? Higher energy bills and MTA fares, ? We hate politicians blowing hot air!!
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crash davis Feb 7
Replying to @CGasparino @AOC
'S New contains her answer for . produce tons of Methane Gas Daily and it poisons the atmosphere. AOC is submitting a bill for 500 million dollars for research into anal balloons to collect and save the Methane .
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Nahanni Sep 14
Yes, they do-in the east. It's bad enuf that we have to fight our current governments to get effective action but if some western unions are on the other side, we are lost. If the wants to lead, it can show it by getting those ppl on board with the
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