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Constituent 🌺 4h
2020 candidate : “When we look at what Donald Trump has been doing, he has been abusing his position and using his platform to try to tear our country apart based on race.“
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jam62919🌺 Jul 20
Replying to @CNNPolitics
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Jess Griffin🌺 #Tulsi2020 ॐⓋ⌛️ Jul 7
Just hanging out at a coffee shop talking about ending regime-change wars and working towards a more peaceful world!
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Constituent 🌺 Jul 18
Replying to @jack
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Grumpy Birdie Sanders Jun 11
Tulsi Gabbard on climate change isn’t just thinking about fixing things now before the ten years up , she is even thinking 100 years ahead with the
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smerc82 🍼😘👶💙🌺 Jul 16
So Tulsi can end the US policy of regime change wars, bring home our troops & use the $ to fund domestic programs that we sorely need here at home.
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ACB Jornada Virtual Jul 1
RT paobcgr: Welcome aboard ReseRice4! ☘️
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Casadilla Con Carne Jul 6
She's the REAL DEAL. Spread this video far and wide if you support a smarter, just, and more compassionate vision of the United States of America.
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Brian -Doc- Hall 🌺 Jun 13
Replying to @CullenYossarian
All the more reason why we need a ! Ending our reliance on Fossil Fuels will help with this so much
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green_club_news Jun 15
☘️ Champions of the Greek League for third year in a row and 38th time in their history!🔥
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Constituent 🌺 Jul 13
Replying to @LeeCamp
By subsidizing oil companies the US government funded the propaganda...
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Trevchilles Jun 26
Replying to @StefanMolyneux
She’s talking about . Looking 100 years ahead
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Panathinaikos BC Jul 2
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Chris Eco Chic Jul 1
A comprehensive and clearly written article on what it means to run a business & the obstacles to face - such a vast and often misunderstood topic: via
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Panathinaikos BC Jul 13
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Shawna Burley 🌺 Jun 30
Replying to @shawna_burley
Come donate to a candidate that is crushing the and ending . Join and help usher in a new with and an end to for profit prisons, all paid for with a .
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Barb McDonald Loe Jun 16
Replying to @TulsiGabbard
Thanks for keeping our eyes on the true threats! Authentic, ethical leadership for real progress, true progress! . With the people, for the people, with the planet, for the planet Peace begins at home
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Constituent 🌺 Jul 19
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onsportsgr • • • • • Ανακοινώθηκε από τον ο Ουέσλι Τζόνσον!
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