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Emerald Radiance 3h
Replying to @HaadiMian @FarhanKVirk
So HILARIOUS! But it shows his strength of character, he's not delusional & gets rid of whatever he deems is no longer serving the supposed purpose. He's not loyal to people, he's loyal to ideology & principle. The mark of an intelligent & scrupulous man.
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Mehrab Chandio🇵🇰 5h
"What make you the ? Your Character, Your Vision & Your Action"
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Joseph Wilson 4h
Replying to @ChrisHi88974093
So your the reason for the half shirt phenomenon all the football players rockin these days. lol love you coach!
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Tim Burrough 17h
Replying to @SpenceSanders
You did damn good today! !
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Tejas patole Apr 17
The best thing done by govt in these 5 year tic tok vote for
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V Apr 14
Replying to @BTS_twt
Yes We did it namjoonshii .. fighting ! 💪 😍😊 😊 😍😍
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Jonathan Yabut Apr 12
TAG that who assigned you THAT project that led to your promotion. He did this because he knew you can succeed. She did this because she knows that great talent won’t be recognized when people don't see it put into good use. Your visibility matters a lot too.
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What do you think are the qualities of a ?
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Tiffany Langer Apr 14
After watching the Undercover Boss....I want to visit one SO bad....and work at one...and own one! Oh and I want their President to be my friend!
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John Hurd Apr 17
Congratulations to Dave Hanning on being hired tonight as Federal Hocking Local next superintendent!!
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ImARuby Apr 18
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kareem.shaik Apr 12
Thanks anna, please continue this.
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ahlam zeineddine Apr 15
If people see as the HE IS 👌 This is a lesson from pope Francis: To strengthen Peace. 👌In Humility, pope Francis knelt at the feet of the rivals leaders of South Sudan, begging them to give a Chance .🤲
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anne boyd Apr 17
Got to be all about the people for David - as a charity that has benefited from his spirit and drive, strives to continue the legacy
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Hash Apr 13
What's your fascination with ? His hugs are at least genuinely warm. Our shud be asked whether he wud emulate what the Pope did here ~ with the manual scavengers whom he so publicly professed to love
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Chad Johnson Apr 14
I'm still bothered by the way he lost his life. Nipsey Love on King, you showed us how to carry the torch. Now we just have to keep our minds lit from the knowledge you left us with.
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Yaffa Lyulka Apr 18
is in danger in the USA, of all places. With 2 justices appointed by Trump, I suppose he must feel relaxed&confident that he will be protected. To make things worse the GOP will defend their against & other terrible conducts
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Jen Wall Apr 12
Congratulations on your retirement after 15 years of service to LCPS, Dr. Suzanne Jimenez 🎉Thank you for your guidance and mentorship over the years. I wish you nothing but happiness in your new adventures.
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Mansoor Dhanse Apr 15
Replying to @ShashiTharoor
Get well soon InshaaAllaah
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kishor londhe Apr 14
“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.” - Dr.B.R.Ambedkar
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