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Angry Asian Man Jun 19
On this day in 1982, Vincent Chin was beaten to death with a baseball bat by two white men in Detroit. Witnesses say they told him, “It’s because you little motherfuckers we’re out of work.”
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Alison Norris 28m
Lets see: from the Treasury Dept: The 12-month tally for the deficit is now just a stone’s throw from the $1tln mark
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Bryanna Stratton 21m
The story of how potato chips were invented George Crum: *makes fries* Time Traveller: too thick Crum: slices thinner TT: too thick Crum: slices thinner TT: too thick Crum: slices paper thin TT: perfect, call them chips
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Alison Norris 30m
Can you not read
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alongtakashi Jun 18
Replying to @MuggsAverage
Of course ah Gus man!!
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DennisBlair 7h
“I will cure cancer!” says the ignoramus who thinks wind causes cancer.
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νιѕнαℓ мαи∂σяα 7h
Replying to @ASUSIndia
You're such a huge company & doing such mistakes. It can mislead lot of customers.. So I've sent you report about this bug in returns you should give me Bug Bounty... Ask your security department if you're not aware about bug bounty. & If you guys don't know.
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K9TheRoyal Jun 12
Video Shoot in with M.O. Rich
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WV River Liver 3h
Replying to @WVGovernor
Potential keys to improving education may include providing more outdoor classroom opportunities, promoting experiential learning techniques, and encouraging more partnerships in education. Lots of supporting evidence out there for this way of thinking.
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Dale Brennan Jun 16
Replying to @laboyzz @michaelgrange
LOL.. guess you missed it... if only there was something where you could enter a topic and get the info...
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Leona La Bruja Loca Jun 18
Replying to @JAGarzaVilla
You know I never do, but I just took a peek and..... you can't be serious. or don't let the clown on the stand give you "facts".
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David Evans Jun 15
But you knew you could watch just the naked bits on their own ???????? 🧐
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KayTee 19h
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Thirsty4Spirit Jun 17
Here’s my definition of .. they have so so many benefits!! If you don’t believe me 🌿
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Rob McDowell Jun 19
Celebrating Juneteenth this day! The day all Americans finally became free!
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Lisa Sharon Harper Jun 18
Replying to @SomekyIsHere
It is not my responsibility to do your work for you.
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Milan CTE Jun 11
The Lantz-Dunlap power team delivers tech instruction at 1:1 rollout PD.
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Andrea Nash Jun 18
Ok Idk if anyone else knows this, but Australian spiders are the most scariest spiders in the world! Girl I mean just google them, I’m just saying..........
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Stephen Moore Jun 11
Replying to @JimboRogers7
I’ll take that insult with the contempt it deserves, I NEVER said anything of the sort!!! “To put/set someone straight. to make certain that someone knows the real facts about a situation: Don't worry, I set him straight (on this matter).
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CP 💋 Jun 13
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