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ProudIndian Jun 22
was not Terrorist like Gandhi Nehru slaughtered unlimited lacs during indo pak partition
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Rosé beauty look like a goddess✨
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Gandhian Godse Jun 19
Do you think bullets killed me? Think again!
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Obviously those who promote are venomous & some media houses have the moral not to be sold out. See how US State Dept has commented about the political scenario of India & that is bcz of the venomous environment created by BJP & saffron groups.
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Irfan A Khan Jun 22
Replying to @venus_martian99
Muslims or Non-Muslims aren't terrorists but all terrorists are mother fuckers. Nathuram was a murderist of Mahatma Gandhi Ji
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shahbaaz khan Jun 22
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Nachiket Parashar 🇮🇳 Jun 17
Replying to @amitsurg @narendramodi
Why BJP's 302 did not stand by her? When this putting down of was started by himself over why blame opposition & Congress? They just targeted the weak link.
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1 Rotten Apple MODI - ChowkidarChorHai Jun 17
You can also offer the little more than just a bow, may be a kiss on the lios of lover
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कौन्तेय Jun 23
Dagshai jail, nathuram was last prisoner of this jail. he was here during his trail in shimla court. Mahatma Gandhi also came here to meet irish muntineers.
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Aditya Srivastava Jun 24
Replying to @inqlabZindabad_
Achievements of - 1). Civil Disobedience at Champaran 2). Non-cooperation Movement 3). Dandi March 4). Quit India Movement 5). Time's Person of the Century just next to Einstein. Achievements of - Just shot the man above and stole the limelight.
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Radarendra Modi Jun 20
Replying to @RadarModi
blast case: released on bail, goes on to fight lok sabha elections within weeks, wins and is now an MP attending parliament. openly insulted Karkare and called a patriot. (2/n)
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Gokul Nedumaran Jun 18
Replying to @shahid_siddiqui
The people who loves wont be a problem those who supports is thrle real prob.
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Amrita Kaushalya 12h
Plz correct.... was a ...Not terrorist. What will you call him 👇 then ?
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Reema Tripathi Jun 16
Replying to @SwarajSambit
Mera god
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Entrepreneur Arun V Mathew Jun 18
Viewing as integrator, is like saying is the "father of the Nation" ! is NOT people's Mandate, but mandate ; which has enabled an and ! Pussyfooting of to demand is boon for &
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?? Jun 21
Replying to @paree7861
Abbe chutiya hain kya ek Baar vedio dekh ache se dalne se pehle U talking that RSS ki wajah se gulam hote dude Gandhi was the guy who kept on saying non violence RSS was the real thing jisne Desh ki azadi di
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Rajan M 2h
😂 Unfortunately for you sir, the likes of member of does not agree with you! She worships and demonises
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Syed Moiz سید موائز సయ్యద్ మొయిజ్ सैयद मोइज़ Jun 24
This is the of bought to you by - exactly opposite to great vision of & .
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Karan Bhardwaj Jun 24
Watch my interview with where she tells me why she makes controversial videos
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Indian Mandarins Jun 22
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