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Kannada Filmology 4h
latest update watch here 👇👇👇👇👇
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For these 'secularists', both among the media and the politicians, Muslims have the license to indulge in violence, horrific killings (like in ) burn women & children to coal. If they do that, fake reports like Banerjee committee will be got to let killers go scot-free!
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Maaz Kalim Jun 11 least 2 in , and my relative happened to overhear it on them and cheering 's 2014 win with simper over his legacy of . (𝐶𝑓. organised for bestowing "Good Luck" on for the back in 2016 in the immediate
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Vikram Mann وکرم منن Jun 11
was done by Modi through RSS in 2002. Recent example is killing of 40 security personnel in Pulwama
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Netas who defended the GUILTY who burnt to coal 59 innocents including 25 women & 15 children in were leaders of Congress, SP, Left, RJD. Lalu appointed Banerjee committee which was staunchly defended by Outlook, Congress etc. BE BLOODY ASHAMED all of you!
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RaMahesh Jun 14
Replying to @asadowaisi
post Incident > 2002 Gujarat Riots Whereas all religions effected but believes as single religion only effected. He projects only Gujarat for his personal gain by forgetting other Incidents or Riots occurred under regime.
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Black Thezhl Jun 9
Seems like the handiwork of . Must've planned for another . But it seems the timing got screwed as it was supposed to burn while the train was moving. If it was olden times, could've asked for or some premier investigating agency to do the investigation.
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Those who rallied in Kathua in favour of accused did so as they were convinced that accused are INNOCENT. They did not say "This rape & murder is justified." Muslims, other politicians, seculars have defended heinous killers of . Compare Aligarh with , not Kathua!
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Suttu Pidikka Utharavu Jun 12
'Sizzling 💖👼Nenjaathi' 🙋🌀 is Super Excited✌️😅 to Watch PPL's Response😶⁉️ to ⚖🤵🌪 STORM hitting the Web World🌐☄ Today! 🔥
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Chandra Shekhar Jun 10
Replying to @BDUTT
The ; could have gone way(the DESIGN, Engineering, Conspiracy, Master-mind were much to the RECORDS of *bjp's past) would draw this ...?
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Hannan Jun 11
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Amitt Mehra Jun 9
PM Sir, Indians want gesture like this, This is actual India and Indian. I disrespect MR THapar for his Interview wherein he questioned "Mr Modi, Is still haunts you". Required Sportsmanship.
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Tv9 Gujarati Jun 13
ગોધરાના ભૂરાવાવમાં શાળા ખસેડવા મુદ્દે વિવાદ, વિદ્યાર્થીઓને અન્ય શાળામાં લઈ જવાતા વાલીઓએ કર્યો વિરોધ, જુઓ VIDEO Read:
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Tatvamasi_youth_club Jun 11
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Dhaval Parmar Jun 11
ગોધરા ના ધારાસભ્ય શ્રી તથા તેમના સુપુત્ર શ્રી ના અથાગ પ્રયત્ન થી ગોધરા ના ખાડી ફળીયા માં રસ્તા ના પ્રશ્ન નો કાયમી ઉકેલ લાવવા સંપૂર્ણ મકાન સ્વ ખર્ચે ખરીદી જાહેર જનતા ને રસ્તા માટે અર્પણ કરતા સમગ્ર વિસ્તાર હર્ષ ની લાગણી અનુભવે છે.
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स्नेह पंडित 🤚 Jun 10
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er. rahul jadon Jun 9
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