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Virtual Chowkidar ∞ Apr 19
I can spare anyone, who wanted Modi in 2014, but in 2019 if they still wanted him back, they are the reason, India is destroyed. Modi is beyond questionable doubt aware of at least in my conscience. He is a Mass Murderer regardless of what he managed to get acquitted
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Tv9 Gujarati Apr 20
: Teacher thrashes student over not solving mathematics sum in primary school of Godhra. Fumed villagers beat teacher, injured teacher and student both shifted to hospital.
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Insān بشري 20h
Oh yea! Let's collect from all across India. Brothers and sisters please contribute. I never heard of Nelie before. But I'm sure & will be on every other Indian's tongue.
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Virtual Chowkidar ∞ 22h
An Indian Prime Minister, who was a co conspirator in Massacre, Gave ticket to Blast Accused Sadhvi Why are you even surprised ? . Thats how Criminal networks always worked among gangs. For them Mahatma Gandhi was a villian, Karkare was a villian
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Atul Jagdish Yadav Apr 19
Replying to @laluprasadrjd
Does Lalu still believe that kand was an accident??????
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Shubhra Sasmit Apr 19
Forgive me the sermon, terror is a fake narrative, what was Babri Masjid then, what was . Communalism is given flames by both sides. You wouldn't be that naive to think that terrorist elements doesn't exist in .
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Laxmi Narsimha Rao Apr 18
For you, opportunistic RW who have access and support of media expose nexus between Dirubahi Ambani & Gandhi family. Let the Truth prevail once more as is debunked.
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We the People of India 🇮🇳 Deepanjali Apr 18
The THOUGHT to investigate... Is 👉how does this connect with 👉 Balakot was meant to change the DATE memory ... From to? ... It was just a badly executed Headline Management!
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Shalini Sehgal 4h
If wasn’t the CM gujrat/PM India, neither , nor nor nor unemployment nor a whole lot of lynchings would have happened.
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Bhola-operator Apr 11
You are not above Supreme Court of India, who have acquitted him. 2002 was created riot, set off by train burning. Congress ensured the riots spread like wildfire through use of barkha & Rajdeep, Ashish etc & by refusing support when requested by Gujarat.
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My Nation. My Pride. Apr 15
So what? Wasn't hounded for 12 good years for ? If it wasn't redundant then why should it be redundant now? BTW did this guy get justice or earned the outrage like others?
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IBOS Chowkidar Network Apr 17
Jihadis using Bangali rakchasani being allowed to literally get away w murder. Tadaka was woman too, at some point you have to start taking them out, they not going to understand speeches bjp willpower whats needed over bangal
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Gyaani G Apr 17
Replying to @pbhushan1
What do you mean yet? It makes her the ideal candidate in BJP’s eyes! After she wins, then over a period of time Judges will change and she will be discharged.
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Insān بشري Apr 15
There is only one truth, A 1000 lies cannot cover it! The one and only truth is that destruction of idols is a legacy from the Md himself. And you can publish a 💯 lies about but the truth will prevail.
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अद्भुत अकल्पय Apr 17
Tadipaar mota bhai and accused who spies lady co worker need u desperately. Keep licking.
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rocksolid_Chowkidar Apr 12
Replying to @JoinSkShehzaad
And moron who planned killing of pilgrimage in vicious Action ka reaction bhi vicious hoga
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Sir this is public toilets at Railway Junction Gujrat, sir toilets is not clean and chockup also.
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Debasis Ganguly@inc Apr 13
Replying to @BJP4India
Who will do Nyay to the victims,Akhlakh,kalburgi,victims of ,victims of lynching,hooligans who are committing atrocities on people on the basis of Religion,cast. Why don't you talk on unemployment,GST,aboveall .
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Daniel Samy Apr 19
Replying to @Lokendr05407757
: India's 9/11: How this man plotted and killed both hindus & muslims to satisfy his lust for Power and Glory.
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chowkidar Bhaskar Sen Sharma Apr 14
Replying to @rajnathsingh
You're a good man but not be irrational as lead. Similarly ji is a good man but maintain secularism and don't let any more affect you. No more Rash decisions and life - threatening policies which were rampant so long. Be careful.
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