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Kimi Pascal 🇷🇴🇺🇸 Jul 6
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BeachMilk Jul 5
ALL the ANARCHY in the world at the moment has been MANUFACTURED for a one’s because Donald Trump refused to join the CLUB that these three traitors are members of!
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Nick Moutos Jul 7
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LynnK - 💉#Covid19TestsRTainted! 😨#Covid911💉👀👺 Jul 9
Replying to @IlhanMN
U r so wrong! Its Republicans dismantling oppression! Not democrats. U dems hate America Dem party is done, gone as in put a fork in it -done. Dem Party taken over by aka Are u part of ? Are pretending to care about citizens?
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Political Ingle *bots lack cognitive function * Jul 7
Replying to @supitsshekinah
Maybe we need to let know that since they are supporters of & believe the black population in Africa is interfering with the animal habitat 🤷‍♀️
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The Mighty 200 Florida Fred 🏝 Jul 7
Replying to @ShannonBream @FoxNews
✖️⚖️✖️⚖️✖️⚖️✖️ Usually the give their plants a black eye. This must be a new technique, to keep them in line.
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nickoo 5h
THURSDAY’S GOES DOWN AS ONE OF THE ALL-TIME GREATS ~ Grifters exposed! ~ English learned! ~ Veterinary malfeasance brought to bare! YET QUESTIONS REMAIN ~ What is KW short for? Does KW even know? Karl Wontanswer? Karl Wettsizbottom?
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TereIncognita🔬🇺🇸🇵🇭 16h
Replying to @SharylAttkisson
State of...clarity?😊 The rest of us are in states of confusion, fear, anxiety, & diabolical disorientation, c/o the demonic, satanic evil .
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Sharla Finn official BLB Jul 8
Covid is an excuse for control not a killer. FYI African leader that did did test on a goat and fruit that returned covid to positive showing the fraud is now dead. 🤔
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aWiseFool Jul 8
Everyone KNEW the would use hard working Independent & Americans & sacrifice their to gain power Best thing to happen to kill the were arrogant & stupid people like & getting elected
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Logic Doesnt Lv Here 40m
Are "Protests" & Riots bought and paid for...yes
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The Docterr 18h
My site is against the Dilution of our . The Invasion continues & the Leftie are trying to take us over. Any way you can Support would be welcome. Plz check the site.
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Archer Jul 9
Replying to @RealJamesWoods
I figure if she wants to live better SING! Not a soft ballad but some Metal adrenaline! Spill EVERYTHING maybe she won't matter However, I've lost faith in US GOV. considering both Bush's, Carter, Clinton and finally the white hating Obama. ALL THE SAME ! Her lawyer???
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silk Jul 9
Well. Im also a fan of letting Folks dig their own hole before I conclude much of anything betta watch his ass everybody else 2 even remotely connected 2 the right now yall best steer clear bc the elite R rightfully & finally under investigation
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Alam Chaudry Jul 7
Replying to @robert_spalding
Only the and !
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Kid Kool Jul 7
Everyone knowingly involved in perpetuating this / act of mass / absolute needs to be arrested immediately! 😠
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Raon aujourd’hui by Stefu-μολὼν λαϐέ ♒️⚛️🕎 Jul 5
Racialist accuses of genocide : shall I laugh or cry ?
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Kid Kool Jul 2
Never mind voting. Time to lock up all scum and toss the key!
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