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The Foreign Code Sep 9
43rd consecutive Saturday with protests across the country against the Globalist
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@LindenLyn #JC4PM #Alston #StopTheCoup Sep 12
Replying to @spaceangel1964
Voted remain, but get what you're saying Anyone who followed & the supressed of the violence in the riots, will know that the is not all peace & love. Neglect & austerity has created total distrust of politics in this country. Also need to see
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RCS Art Studios Sep 10
Is the EU army really there to challenge Putin, or to suppress EU citizens who have the nerve to protest? I dread Macron having any say in the use of our troops to 'quieten' the
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✝️JESUS 🇺🇸TRUMP #SaveTheChildren #KAG2020 Sep 14
Watch 's broadcast: Manifestation !!
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Jaurès #Tarn #LFI Sep 14
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Slough & District Politics Sep 8
Here's a weekly reminder that the protests are still a regular feature in French cities. UK media concentrates on H-K, so we rarely see this.
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Pinky #PeoplePower 20h
Excellent report on history of
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Ipomea Sep 14
Replying to @sahouraxo
Mainstream media avoids mentioning the because “mainstream media” is owned by people like .
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RCS Art Studios 20h
I wonder if he has seen the protests and wants that in the UK, so the UK leavers can be treated the same way?
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Jackie Harris 18h
Replying to @joswinson
Is this what you want Jo, EU tanks on the streets of Europe quashing it's citizen's right to protest and freedom of speech? Of course we won't see this reported on UK news will we. . week 44
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Zeichen Der Zeit Sep 10
Meanwhile the 43rd demo of the yellow vests in France in a row. This excerpt is from last Saturday.
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Muthoni Kimathi Sep 13
Replying to @POLITICOEurope
We have read this for a decade now...Let us discuss
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Mr No Sep 8
In the UK it's the police wearing
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moaningminnie Sep 12
Confused here Surely the dealing of the was the response of macron and the French government? How was that suppression?
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YES Annual Meeting Sep 14
. says approach of mixing Greek tradition, and democracy, was a good response. said you must not respond to 'bad' with 'good' populism. You respond with vigorous democracy. And the did not engage in it.
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Scotty Ariss 18h
There is no peace in the EU sponsored quashing of the French protests. Only the TV coverage. The have been protesting for almost a year and the EU has stood idly by. The country is in a sorry state and we're still in so, in or out we need a socialist government, now.
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Alessandro 7 Sep 14
Occupata la stazione ferroviaria di Matabiau non lasciano le proteste contro nonostante la repressione della polizia. 🎥⁦⁦
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chilternbear Sep 13
Recession in Germany, and massive strikes in France, and economic meltdown in the Eurozone, but not a word on the , or !!!
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John Daramy 18h
It is censored in the and or are not allowed to show scenes on UK TV!
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Marcel Aiphan Sep 13
La république exemplaire a du plomb dans l’aile droite. Vivement l’accident de chasse...
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