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John Perry Sep 12
Its about time the supporters of democracy starting protesting. I’d like to see a million of us protesting in London each week. We need a British movement.
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peter pobjecky - #FreeAssange Sep 14
Protesters returned to and sing... Oh that's just singing Marseillaise in airport so one won't find this being reported by MSM 💁‍♀️
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Kitty Air Sep 14
Replying to @RichardWellings
The way MSM is ignoring the is crazy. It just makes me even more certain that our news broadcasters are biased. We've had coverage of Hong Kong, Venezuela as those demos fit with a perticular political agenda.
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InThisTogether Sep 14
UK media coverage of this remarkable, nationwide protest movement practically zero. UK media coverage of some climate protestors allowed to bring central London to a standstill for a few days, practically unavoidable. Makes you think, dunnit?
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zara Israeli Sep 9
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🇫🇷Amreen Nazanin Rajavi 21h
Militarization of police fails to enhance safety, it further damages police reputation...
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tom Sep 14
Replying to @JandJNaylor @tutwatter
Don’t knock the French - their army might be a bit dodgy but I take my hat off the bottle of their working class.
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Teresa Rose Steele 8h
And still Macron struts about as if nothing is happening.
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Jo Sep 8
Replying to @JasonTGill
Yes, It's as relevant today as it was back then, look at the changes we've seen ever since, article 13 for one. And it may or may not be directly connected but the news blackouts about the protests is very curious. Remainers don't listen to this.
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Pink & Susan Sep 12
Replying to @KayKosmos
"The higher you build your walls; the louder we will CRY". We tweet this for every Palestinian, Yemen, Sudan. For People who oppose Trump, , . The Berlin wall fell & they that built it said it never would; all who seek to imprison People will fail.
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Respect Democracy, Deliver Brexit 🇬🇧 17h
How can our Media remain silent on this Shocking that the EU are silencing the media, here and abroad.
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Ravi Kant - रवि कांत 🇪🇺 Sep 8
protests against President Macron continues in France even after more than 9 months
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2cats 2h
A message for France's from Hong Kong protesters: Be Water!! Merci Beaucoup
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Spencer Campbell Sep 14
Replying to @afneil @BBCWorld
Andrew why do you think the don't cover the events?
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Fireman Sam #peoplesprimeminister Sep 9
I believe that any reporting of the has been stifled by Macron. Retweet this video all over the world.
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Griff699 Sep 14
Stay safe Only 8 more weeks and you'll be into your first year. No media coverage again 🤔
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Veronique Perrot H.C 🐝 Vegane #antispécisme 14h
Replying to @VeroniquePerrot
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joèl b Sep 8
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DEFYING THE CLAMPDOWN: Despite Government Counter Measures And Warnings, Thousands of Yellow Vest Demonstrators Filled The Streets In France For The 43rd Week -
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Larry79115 Sep 12
Replying to @nikoCSFB
The DNC? Aren't they the same ones that made sure Henry Wallace wasn't elected VP in 1944? And you still trust them in 2019? I've got a Brooklyn Bridge with 200,000 uncounted voters under it to sell you! Or would you like a and a Pitchfork?
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