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scoooch Jan 22
I don’t see Gettleman drafting a QB at 6. Who else is with me?
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WBG84 14h
One high-level NFL talent evaluator told @NY_PostSchwartz of The Post that Daniel Jones is a first-round pick and “hands down’’ the best quarterback of the eight participating in the Senior Bowl.
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Slate_malone 36m
nice to see great things happen for great people.
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topher pete 3h
Hey !! Happy for you man! You are an inspiration. Happy to have you on the Giants!Pass on to Rosa and Barkley a big thank you and congratulations!! Will be be watching you guys and bleeding blue Sunday!!!
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Big Blue Thoughts Jan 21
Hey everyone! Quick personal note- I am starting my first full time job in the beginning of February in DC so I will likely not be as active as I’ve been over the past month or so. Will still post some draft stuff/stats but won’t be super engrossed in QBs/FA.
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caillou borden Jan 21
This makes Nick Foles and Eli Manning beating Brady more impressive
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🕛 It's Oakland Raiders Review Time! 📈 What were their betting trends? 🏈 Who were the best prop players and more! ✍
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Antonio Reyes Jan 21
In two weeks the will be undefeated 💪🏾💪🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
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4star 12h
Met Saquon Barkley and Jason Garrett at work today! They’re on their way to the go get em out there!
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StrongKingOfNy Jan 22
Replying to @GiantsNationNYC
Best player available on either side of the ball.
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Week 14: Giants take an L. We fought hard back n forth but this offense in NOLA is hard to stop. Defense was on its heels all game. Offense went back n forth til a few crucial mistakes. Saints win 35-27. ? On to the next one.
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Giants Fans Online Jan 22
1.22.2012 -- Eli Manning calling timeout late in the 4th Quarter of the NFC Championship Game vs the 49ers. One of the toughest QB performances of all-time. Eli took an absolute beating all day, but kept getting up.
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WBG84 Jan 22
Senior Bowl practices begin today at 1:00 p.m. EST on NFL Network.
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The Giant Insider 5h
Another member has given $ to save Rillo. Thank you
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Vincent C 11h
Big Blue must improve the defense next year
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Big Blue Universe Jan 21
Im seeing a lot of people nitpicking Dwayne Haskins because his receivers were so good after the catch and saying All of His Yards came from Yards after the catch. Where that became a bad thing I don’t know but hey if you can’t find anything just make it up
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EST. 1925 Jan 22
Yeah, we'll take him. should get in on the fun. lol
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Alex 22h
Replying to @Giants
I will always be a Giant's fan no matter how many bad seasons we have.
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Michael Thomas 20h
Man honestly I couldn’t have been here without the and all of !!! Fans and family voted me here. I can’t stop smiling ✊🏿🙏🏿🙌🏿
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Stormin Norman Jan 19
Received this in the mail yesterday. Thank you New York Football Giants for restoring my belief that the organization is a class act that does care about their fans. I'm sure the other first responders share my appreciation.
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