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NFL France 23m
Odell arrive pour le MNF
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New York Giants 52m
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Winners & Whiners 2m
Two lost fans stop by the show to talk about tonight's game. Can and swallow their pride and embrace the or will they back the ? Listen now, all will be revealed.
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NY Giants Jamon Brown 22h
Tomorrow is my BIG debut with the ! I’m extremely excited to be apart of this great organization!! Let’s do this fellows!! !
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TheGiantsWire 8h
Phil Simms: Fans will remember the good Eli Manning READ: |
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Tank Commander Mara 32m
I’ve been wearing my Saquon Barkley jersey all day, i’m ready for him to ball out and for Eli Manning to break my soul a bit more in the process tonight.
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young sweet jones 6h
Eight game win streak starts tonight.
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IceTheKicker NFL 2h
Whose ready for round 2 tonight? Can we expect more of the same? We’re excited either way. How refreshed will the look after bye week? Tough one to call..
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John M Knox 1h
Replying to @Giants
If you get beat by the niners then everyone in the entire Giants organisation should be sacked. EVERYONE.
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Andrew 47s
1-7, don’t care... out of playoff contention, don’t care.. it’s been two weeks since I’ve seen the giants and I can’t wait for the game. Hoping for a W!! Let’s go!!
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Cop 🏇 Nov 9
Reel ME back in!!!!!! OBJ: Goal is to win 8 straight, get to playoffs
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C H I N A 1h
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Jax Teller 1h
Do any of you 49ers fans feel like losing money tonight? Please bet me!
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Carlos Silva 22h
Replying to @dkarkots @Giants
Every time I see the hashtag I wonder if I’m the idiot. I feel absolutely no pride being a fan right now. Or last year. Or, at least 5 out of the last 10 years.
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Steven Magnotta 2h
Hot Take: Giants Win Tonight
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K9 4h
Live look of me later tonight
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DmanWweFan 47m
Lets get Engram going in this offense the path to 9-7 starts tonight
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NFL Matchup on ESPN 8h
Best/worst-rated QBs vs the BLITZ this season... Worst-rated QB is a shocker, but not if you've been watching their tape.
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dopeszn_ 9h
Replying to @dman_wwe @FirstTake
Love the enthusiasm
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WBG84 Nov 8
. predicts that the only winnable game for the for the remainder of the season is Week 11 at home against Tampa Bay.
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Reggie Ormeo 16h
My Monday Night Week 10 Football 🏈 Pick Between Vs. : My Pick: Giants 20, 49ers 17 Note: I’m NOT Bothered 😕 To Watching This Game Because Both Teams Are Just AWFUL! That’s My OFFICIAL Pick!
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