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Steve Surfaro Nov 24
That eerie feeling when The Big Guy Biden puts his hand on your shoulder
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Hippychic Nov 24
I see the tabloids haven't gotten any better. Was shocked when I saw this in the checkout line last night. I can't believe they can publish this shit. Didn't read the article, destroys brain cells.
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Hope & Faith USA 🇺🇸Susan 🇺🇸 Nov 22
Replying to @Forecast432hz
Well how about that! I have been retweeting many childpedophilia ChildTrafficking links to bring awareness. Also retweeted Also the creepy satanic worship, sacrifice things that they do. And then she surfaced from the underground. Well how about that!
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G Campbell Nov 19
Who in their pool had living this long?
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Fidget Nov 20
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LBC Nov 22
. tells LBC how his investigation into left him believing that ‘the evidence against her is damning’. Tap here to listen to the explosive first episode of :
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cynthia ladd Nov 19
Pardon me. Does anyone know where is these days?
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Ani Ruhil 👨‍💻 Nov 20
It is time for the refrain: Has anybody checked up on ???
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shellcamg Nov 20
Replying to @budwin9 @AlanDersh
It would be best for to lay low since he has been accused of having sex w/young girls via Jeffrey Epstein. We are still awaiting 's trial and expect that Dersh & many other "prominent" men will be revealed.
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Juan Stodd * Nov 19
Replying to @RoguePOTUSStaff
He was sweating like the main guest at a Jeffrey Epstein party today.
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K. Nov 23
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Tenacious “T” WillResist #TeamFauci #BidenHarris Nov 22
If Trump pardons , sh!t will go down
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Sativa Nov 23
Oh no. Now that he’s definitely done and out of office, May suddenly commit suicide. 🙄
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The News 21h
in isolation after COVID-19 exposure in jail
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Cognitive Dissident Nov 23
Has anyone checked on lately? How’s that very fine person doing?
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Marianne Hanley Nov 20
Replying to @jkbjournalist
where is ?
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Jamie Nov 19
What's going on with ?
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All Tied Up Nov 24
Replying to @Independent
Here comes another suicide,you watch now she's quarantining alone.
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Prince.&.The.Pervert.Podcast Nov 23
Replying to @lisapodcasts
Bring it on! We have people to chase down the streets of New York wearing and masks. I have an art gallery to protest against.
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Sanders Nov 20
Replying to @Amy_Siskind
Its a very good time for to start talking.
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