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DIVE Studios Oct 22
Let's welcome solo artist to this week's episode of 'Get Real'! 🔥💯 The table talks about pop culture, past and present, and who Maddox considers his influences. 🕺 🎧 Ep. 17 of ' w/ , , and ' is available NOW!
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Deborah Davisson 8h
journalism is dead
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Tracy🌻 N 2h
He got paid leave for a year! Then given an admin position. How is that holding him accountable?? She got a broken face and a lifetime of . He should have been fired on the spot and charged for assault.
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DIVE Studios Oct 24
Thank you so much Maddox for joining us this week on 'GET REAL'! 🤟 🎧 Listen to Ep. 17 of ' w/ , , and ' here: 📺 Watch the full episode here:
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DIVE Studios Oct 23
‼️ MADDOX "SLEEP" SIGNED ALBUM GIVEAWAY ‼️ ⠀ Do YOU want a SIGNED "Sleep" album from ? 😍 There will be ONE lucky winner! ✨ 👉 For giveaway details: Good luck & thank you for supporting and 💚 ​Giveaway
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Robert Barwick Oct 26
Great question by Peter Brandson; slippery deflection by Ken Henry. The best argument for sending crooked bankers to jail is bankers saying it won't work!
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Karen Menez 🇬🇮🇪🇺 39m
Replying to @KarenMenez
Uk is already mooting an end of term isolation period for all universities before students go home and the numbers go wild again. Ours will probably avoid this and come home early but god forbid, they should be subjected to testing and isolation
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Ruff and Tumble 22h
After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time.
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Dive Studios Peniel, Ashely, BM with Maddox Ep.17 Pop Culture's Impact Full Episode Here >
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AnonyPlod 18h
Break up families with over 6 people sat having christmas dinner you say? There will only be 4 of us (some places will have more) on christmas day so there's more chance of Santa sitting down nabbing your turkey (nut roast if you vegan/veggie)
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Realfield Limited Oct 27
Replying to @realfieldwork
Till then, remember to download the Realfield app from Google Playstore at - It is the tool that will enable you to accept and carry out assignments with Realfield.
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jhenderson23 Oct 25
Your kidding right? The media is supposed to be unbiased in their reporting but she clearly went in with agenda that she wasn’t going to be. The left and media are really counting on Americans being completely ignorant.
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Wayne Dupree Media, LLC Oct 26
Am I to assume that if Biden wins, he will need one week to rest and prepare prior to a meeting with a foreign leader and one week to recover afterward? Do you think some foreign power might try to take advantage of that?
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Edward Winter Oct 27
Replying to @marcorubio
Last night 52 corrupt Senators cast 52 politically motivated votes to confirm a narcissist's continued packing of the Supreme Court so that when he loses this election he will have one Hail Mary move left... by the far right. is rampant.
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Inquirer Opinion Oct 23
Today's by Solita Collas-Monsod (Oct. 24, 2020). READ:
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Retro Flemington Oct 26
🎶You can do it put your back into it 🎶
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Prevuze Oct 26
I don’t know why this bothers me but for God’s sake, Nicole, you’re taking care of a baby at home in a blackout. Let your hair down and put on some comfy clothes.
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Donna Scott Oct 25
Replying to @Donna_In_Heaven
"ID photo released Wednesday, April 3, 2013 by Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Conn., shows former student Adam Lanza..." The image & forensic noise view from 3 sources. So which Adam Lanza did ?
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peniel in monochrome Oct 24
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southerain 4h
If its factual, I don't change the facts. I just make it sound good. 👌 - KARD BM
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