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Angus B MacNeil MP Aug 4
Hey do you think Ireland, Finland, Denmark are independent countries? ..or are they in the same situation as Scotland? .. and stop embarrassing yourself!!
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CARD Aug 1
STATEMENT: it's time for Duchatelet to - CARD calls out latest lies and plans new protest moves.
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Annalise Morgan Colenso Jul 21
Make ducking a thing bc I’m sick of correcting it
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Claude VonStroke Jul 28
Episode 200 of THE BIRDHOUSE, is live now. takes over the guest mix and he premieres the brand new single, "Jolene." Check it.
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karen Jul 25
Oh come on suckers 😳 this over&over, until it sinks in. This is a seriously poor production. Beyond dumb,is an understatement,if EWE believe this actually took place Happens to land behind a hill😂Makes Thunderbirds look Hi-tech
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Real FC Jul 28
Back with a bang, returning delivers a lively and exciting performance in our 3-0 pre-season win yesterday, plus caps it off with stunning free kick!
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Cody Johnson Aug 19
is at .27 and is at nearly 11K... pretty sure XRP is not close to taking over.
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Larry McMaster Aug 18
Replying to @CeresNews
Colorado is going the way of California, I ask, how does one obtain the power to charge these? Not wind turbine nor solar - not enuff provided power and they require fossil fuels to build. Nuclear? no plants in CO! Cheapest and cleanest fuel is natural gas
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Joakim Holmer 🇸🇪 Jul 18
and... the world didn’t need eth 1.0... AT ALL. So, make your own conclusion about where this fraud is heading.
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Birdhouse Basketball Aug 23
Billygoats worked out somebody with a legendary work ethic. Red Wedding? More like BREAD wedding, this guy will eat himself out of the league.
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Chris Baulman 47m
Green architecture must start with the land & what you have to do to get it. In a capitalism you have to play so hard into an economy reliant on consumerism that nothing you can do above the land can be remotely "green".
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LadyAnniSpice # NODEAL#WTO Jul 27
Replying to @sueperkins
I dont think you lefties know what poverty is ... its what we experienced post war in the 50s ... or indeed what is experienced in the third world. Nice to pontificate from your ivory towers ......
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Jeff Wernli 11h
Hey , with 25-1 odds to win the National Title is a joke. They’ll be lucky to win 7 games.
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Mathias 2h
Replying to @ChelseaFC
Haters easily forget that Zouma's defense lead to the first goal.
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Barret Weber Jul 20
Replying to @AndrewScheer
Says party that sold off the Canadian Wheat Board and the family farm
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LadyAnniSpice # NODEAL#WTO Jul 24
Replying to @sanditoksvig
As you will know, the vote by both Tory MPs and Tory members was for a leader of the party .... therefore the leader of that party that is in government becomes PM ... what is it about that you dont understand? This is not a republic so we dont vote for a president.
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Jessica Montgomery Aug 21
So, last week, when you were in top you made no effort and now that your butt is on line, you want make nice?!?
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Henrik Aug 22
Why are so many girls that sensetive to talk facts?
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Jon Leland Aug 22
Truthiest. Don't trust the hustlers. Thank you, !
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⚽️ Felipe Aug 22
Neon boots only improve your pace in video games |
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