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Gavin Ingham 3h
“Alzheimer’s” is how Germans say “Old Timers”
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Institute of National Remembrance 14h
2⃣4⃣ August 1⃣9⃣4⃣4⃣🗓 , fierce fights are taking place in . St John of God hospital is partially taken by the . In the City Centre, establishes 100 mobile kitchens and 40 wound dressing points. , ,
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Institute of National Remembrance Aug 23
On 23 August 1944 , a participant of three and , was hanged in . During he helped refugees in , among them 5,000 whom he rescued from certain death at the hands of the .
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surfisurfsurf 10h
Obviously with most important quality certificate: . Regardless who’s grandma it is
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They are the of every country: ! We take a look at the young and give an insight into their lives & interests. 🇩🇪👉
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Book of Katherine Aug 23
war, the megaphone switched to the rule, and called all the who ordered this crap , not . Oh !!!
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Fuck roeper Aug 22
To all ! Please note that visited MP today. If she starts talking about removing gas from your house, about windmills in every garden, please blame me and my fellow Duchies. We elected this guy not once, twice but three times. We're sorry.
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DragonFlameAce Aug 18
The were Allied with the during the .
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amnahjay Aug 21
Very nice move.. at least the care about what’s happening on Planet Earth. 🌍 👏
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Institute of National Remembrance Aug 19
Replying to @ipngovpl_eng
For three days ’s men fought off the - who were trying to open up the retreat route - and held their ground. The lost 351 dead and wounded at , but the cost the enemy nearly half a milion troops and tons of hardware.
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bullshitguru Aug 20
howmany of the great you show offwith, didyou… Actually. Crucify. Or madeto flee or did weird stuff withtheir butt-donut. No really weird sick sickostuff with
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Pravitelstva Aug 20
Uh-oh ... are marching again.
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Today In History Aug 19
20 Aug 1914: , is by the during World War I. The Germans began their of neutral Belgium on August 4.
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Irek Tuniewicz Aug 18
During : - killed ~3,000,000 Polish Jews & 3,000,000 , - kidnapped 200,000 Polish children, - ordered 3,100,000 Poles to forced labour in Gemany, - robbed 516,000 pieces of art from Poland. Total estimated today's value of damage: $845 bilion US.
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AdmiralByngCampaign Aug 23
See yesterday: Story is: made a reference about BORIS acting as A LEADER - Lo & behold replied with thanks! ABC Tweeted: "Who said do not have homour?" Homour = ! Hamour = Fish Humour = What Germans do have!
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Afghan Historians Aug 19
Replying to @AfghanHistorian
became more complicated when & also wanted to join. During a secret (& ) mission arrived in Kabul to persuade to ally with Central Powers & to enlist tribal fighters to invade India. But Habibullah stayed neutral. 6/6 DA
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Institute of National Remembrance Aug 22
The are afraid that soldiers will fraternise with the Poles so they withdraw Hungarian units from the area. Soviet controlled Kosciuszko radio station broadcasts its last call urging to listen to the new communist Radio Lublin.
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Institute of National Remembrance Aug 21
700 soldiers are unsuccessful in joining the units fighting in the Old Town. The Arsenal is burning, and the insurgents evacuate the building. In Dzika Street the execute 200 Muranów civilians. WarsawUprisingDayByDay
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Alan Ibrahim Aug 21
Replying to @MogBF
speasking” is that referring to some aliens who have learned ? are not speaking; are not speakers so do not speak their mother tongue; expression is usually used by diid and accidental .
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Barbara Post-Askin Aug 20
Did you know that more than 400,000 (mostly ) were held in the during ? To learn more - please read:
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