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Bill Mitchell Nov 11
Democrats have colluded with Seditionist to disenfranchise the American Voter. I demand a Special Counsel to investigate! Retweet if you agree.
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Anyone else get their check yet?
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Pauline Park 16h
& hired a goon squad to launch a campaign of slander against & harass & intimidate critics of ; where's the for this criminal behavior...?
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Tucker Alexander 1h
is an so drop the any criticism of him is anti-Semitic ok? It’s really empty and just ignorant reporting
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JustMe7613 Nov 12
interfering in our elections.
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Mr A Nov 15
Maybe can pay for their bus ride too!?
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Joker Nov 17
Replying to @projenator
Read the article, explanation given was volatility spiked up so fast they were not able to exit the trade and the sad part, was not hedged, naked OTM were sold and someone saw it, and pushed it and butchered his hedge fund in one go. 😊
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Tony Ramirez Nov 12
It’s amazing that the Tea Party can connect-the-dots for but not .
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Steven David Stoffers Nov 15
are we are all ready for Katowice??? Direct Air Capture, plus an additional contribution, with offsets, means only 285 gtams per kilometer traveled and plenty of Plant Food for everybody!!!!!
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Zambman Nov 16
Replying to @ChukaUmunna @GMB
...was there Chuka..??
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Anonymous 🍀 21h
Replying to @Anandstweets
Zwarte Piet is not black face. Black face is an American invention. And "we Dutch"? Did that writer even watch the news? No one supports that stuff. All Dutch loved the festivities. Funny to see that the Open Society Foundation of uses foreign media to lie again.
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James Lancaster Nov 15
Just ? It had privacy problems in 2012, and it's only gotten worse. Now it uses people's prejudices to spread anti-Semitic tropes. If you think is "as bad as" , and , even , then you have been targeted by FB.
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Anonymous 🍀 Nov 13
Replying to @scruffy65
Kevin is sponsored by . Look into who that guy is.
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National Center 21h
"has a long history of supporting environmental activism detached from sound science that essentially weaponizes claims of manmade disaster and climate change against industry," writes in . NCPPR's Cohen responds...
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Zambman Nov 17 he on the alleged ..Anna..??...How is by the way..??
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Zambman Nov 15
...Anna..How is ..???
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Tony Ramirez Nov 13
I feel better today than I have since Monday, Nov. 7, 2016. As long as and the idiot don’t blow up the world (still a possibility), and as long as they don’t set up concentration camp for and his co-religionists (unlikely, now), we’re good.
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Peter Daou Nov 15
So paid a PR firm to blame for attacks against them? Wow.
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Clare Probert 23h
can you do video with involved in bottoming economies his daughter stalker think bio not quite appropriate for a psyop guilty murder my family member and my life front of
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Clare Probert 22h
But put in but maga seems your politricks won’t get you far Daughter for each gov Vatican facing Gods wrath judgement with do video from this account
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