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Chandra Kumar Oct 29
. How long before the President Rule in West Bengal is imposed? Hon’ble Gov has been writing letters, meeting HM and others from last few months. My guess is, immediately after Bihar Results. What’s your take?
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Sojan™ Oct 24
What actually is celebrated for ?? Is this day Ram killed Ravana ?
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Prashanth Oct 26
Why do the farmers in Punjab - Haryana region burn the stubble that doesn't happen much in rest of the country? Educate me please
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Keyser Söze Oct 29
And is from CPI..... Is CPI recognised even as a state party now?
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Atul Sabnis Oct 28
- Is such language permissible in an official meeting?
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bnaa info 🇬🇧✈️🇳🇬 Oct 21
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Becky 🌼 Oct 29
Do US news channels cover UK elections as much as we cover theirs?
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Aaaaoooo Law.Lit🔥A Oct 28
Who called it 69 and not Give and Take Policy
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Why not 🇮🇪 Oct 25
Replying to @GardaTraffic
A family arrived from UK Fri, flew in via Belfast, rented a car & drove to Donegal for a bank holiday weekend sojourn, returning to UK on Tue. They can drive > 5km & cross the border into NI but I can't? Please explain the logic to operation fanacht to me?
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Keyser Söze Oct 27
Do you have properties in any other part of ??????
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Cozmo the ineffable feathered sh*t Oct 25
Can we post photos of bare bottoms on twitter?
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Jyoti Kapur Das Oct 25
Replying to @ScottAdamsSays
Sorry, but doesn't the USA have a secret ballot? How can anyone know whom the voters are supporting?! 👊🏻
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Booketybook💙 Oct 28
Does it mention men?
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Aakash Chopra Oct 23
Is this the poorest ever start in the IPL? For any team?
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Nocebo Oct 24
Any bot for auto-replying all those happy dusshera-diwali-new year messages?
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ᴮᴱafineday⁷ Oct 21
How much water can RM’s dimple hold?
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Droussy...📣 Oct 27
Replying to @TopFlightSI
Got a question for you boss, you’re so successful in baseball, why not just focus on this.
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Gayatri 11h
Replying to @anantha
Do you at all get emails intended for you?
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Nandita Warrier Oct 25
Are friends more supportive than relatives (not immediate family)? What's been your experience?
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Gina Toney Lavatai Oct 22
To my black friend, do you feel taken care of with as your president? Taken care of like No one ever, except for MAYBE Abe Lincoln??
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