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Procedure developed to decode histone changes that point out
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Scientists provide new insights into
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Bioengineers recreate natural complex
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Susann Auer Jan 25
Wow - this article educates you about the very basic concepts of 🧬AND about why 🐶come in all shapes and sizes... 😁
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Researchers discover new aspect of and possible target for cancer drugs
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Pradeepa Madapura Jul 29
Ecstatic to receive the award letter from New Investigator Research Grant (NIRG). Interested in doing in my lab on neuronal development please get in touch or Pl spread the word
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Novel approach to can activate multiple genes simultaneously
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Ivano Legnini Aug 5
1/10. Our paper is finally out on ! If you’re interested in , and with , this thread is for you. The paper is here:
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NatlAcad of Sciences Apr 30
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Peter Mayinger 19 Apr 18
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differences between humans and more complex than thought
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Matúš Vojtek Jul 13
Does anyone know how fast H3K27me3 establishes in gene repression 🤔? Hours? minutes? The earliest time point I found in the literature is 6 hours.
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Kinga Kamieniarz-Gdula Feb 25
It's out! Transcription termination factor PCF11 regulates vertebrate in two distinct ways: stimulates expression of closely spaced genes,but attenuates transcriptional regulators
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Ben Sutherland 10 Mar 18
Wow: genes of the same functional group residing on different chromosomes tend to co-localize in 3D space within a nucleus to facilitate co-expression, as shown by Hi-C contact maps.
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Marieke Oudelaar Sep 10
Our new preprint is online – a detailed analysis of the relationship between genome structure and function during in vivo erythroid differentiation with and . See thread below if you’re interested 🙂
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Michal Gdula Feb 26
It's out: not only for transcription termination - enhances closely spaced genes and downregulates bunch of others through premature termination!
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behind the choice of the correct receptor for olfaction
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NSAS 12h
New study reveals a molecular mechanism by which different types of neuronal activity are transduced into distinct patterns of genomic regulation.
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