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Embassy of Sweden US Sep 7
NEW EXHIBIT opening today in - Swedish Dads by 🇸🇪 photographer Johan Bävman. An exhibit that aims to show the effects of on parenting, both for an individual and for society. admission 12-5 pm.
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Women Deliver Sep 9
For the first time in history, four women lead disarmament affairs at the .
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She's Independent Sep 13
Kicking off our business twitter finally. 👋🏻 21st century! Check us out for ➡️ content and community 💪🔥
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UN GA President Sep 12
Full house at the event! All of you are part of a growing global movement that I hope will become an unstoppable force for change. It is vital to keep the momentum built during the 73rd session, our priority must remain the advancement of
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Libby Lyons Sep 9
I don’t have a spare 80 years to wait for in leadership? Do you?
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Leena Nair Unilever Sep 12
Wow! Humbled to be named 6th in the HERoes 100 Women Executives List for helping drive workplace gender equality forward. I will keep striving for more and working to help achieve at every level of
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WGHinDC Sep 13
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feministsarelesbians Sep 10
If men can’t say the word “cunt” without women crying about it, why can women say “dick”?
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Veritas veritas Sep 13
Replying to @virginiemorgon
Can you comment on what the organization you are leading is doing in terms of gender diversity and equality both at its own level and at the portfolio companies level ?
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For first time, U.S. renewable energies surpass coal , visit my website ,
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Ayaru Irene Priscilla Sep 14
In the recently concluded elections for Refugee Welfare Committee leaders in Adjumani, there’s a more than 50% representation of women on the cabinet. Such a great achievement in promoting and
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Libby Lyons Sep 11
It’s only taken 76 years 😲 - in 1943 Dame Dorothy Tangney was the first woman elected to the Senate and Dame Enid Lyons (my grandmother) elected to House of Representatives. How long do we have to wait for gender balance in that House?
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George Moncayo Sep 11
There's only 2 genders. Romans 1:18-32 God's word teaches when people abandon God, he delivers them over to the lie they want because they suppress God's truth and then rampant homosexuality in the culture is divine judgment. That's the west.
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Fay Lofty Sep 14
My twitter feed has two stories about firefighters today. One, a female firefighter doing squats with her male colleague on her shoulders, the other a male Italian firefighter sobbing at rescuing a kitten. Love them both
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currylamb Sep 10
None of us exist without women. All genders deserve equal rights and respect on all levels.
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Power to the pronoun! Gender equality – also a matter of semantics? ♀️♂️⚧️
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Jai Shree Shyam Sep 13
See what hwppens when a hardcore feminist understands the issues of men Mens rights need to be looked into. Men cannot be a third class citizen with only duties, but zero rights.
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Marise Payne Sep 12
Australia is proud of our partnership with & the work we do together to advance the rights of women & girls around the world 🌏 Thanks to Dr Natalia Kanem & Arthur Erken for sharing some important success stories today as we continue to work for
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Allstate NI Sep 12
‘When, as little girls, do we stop feeling fearless? When do we stop speaking out?’
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Rob Sturrock Sep 11
It's terrific to see the responses to the quarterly essay by but there's something missing - men owning the issue of paid paternity leave. Men need to come together & show leadership if we want more dads to step out of the workforce to care for kids
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