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Zoya Muhammad Nov 14
Geisinger Health System, a nonprofit hospital system headquartered in Pennsylvania, recently made a big move to fix the primary care shortage facing the organization. It is offering free tuition to its medical students to fix the problem in healthcare.
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Flying Eze Nov 12
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Students from Jersey Shore Elementary School teamed up with the staff of Geisinger Jersey Shore to honor the service and sacrifices of our local veterans in what the hospital staff hopes to make a new annual event.
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Malie Collins Nov 11
Tackling physician burnout and the EMR last month at the "Hacking Health" hackathon, hosted by the Steele Institute for Health Innovation and . Our all-student team of comp-sci's and engineers now has the chance to advance to the second round!
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Drew Cornwell Nov 14
My attempt at looking scared in front of the haunted LaLaurie Mansion of with alum and co-resident.
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LF Muscarella PhD Nov 9
Deaths of 3 Premature Infants at Pa. Hospital Linked to Preparation of Donor Breast Milk | | Consistent with my perspectives from 6 wks ago:
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Instituto CIO Nov 13
de la compañía médica estadounidense han desarrollado una capaz no sólo de predecir la probabilidad de muerte de un paciente en el próximo año. vía
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