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Bliss Executives 1m
Sompo Ceesay of delivered a presentation on doing business in The - Towards a more business friendly regulatory environment.
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TAF Africa Foundation Sep 15
More than 60 Gambian Start-ups applied during the inception in 2018. 25 applicants were shortlisted. More than D1.75 Million was shared amongst the winners. TAF Start-ups 2019 is coming soon. Keep following for more information and don't forget to tag a young
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Fady Hocheimy Sep 16
Today we visited Tanji fish market and donated Tramontina Machetes! This will make their work much more efficient and productive.
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Ousman Ceesay ✏️ Sep 13
Sharing is caring. Here are links to the Janneh Commission report Volume 9 [.docx format] [.pdf format] Happy reading.
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Atlas Energy LTD Sep 12
Win a D1,500 shopping voucher to spend at Bitic at our Kotu (Badala) station to kickstart your weekend right. To enter, like, share and follow us. Winner will be announced on Friday Follow
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Sidi Sanneh Sep 16
What needs now is a transformational leader. Barrow is furthest from the leader that provides the leadership necessary to extricate us from the bottom of the pit. We must start the search now. Let us stop fooling ourselves. Barrow will only set us further back.
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Kebba Marenah Sep 15
Customer service experience is often bad however, I had to two pleasant experiences this week. The sales lady at Vestel who had clearly done her homework on all the items in stock (rare); and the customer service lady at SCB Traffic lights who was v helpful & well spoken
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Mustapha Njie (Youthman) Sep 17
..wake up and emulate before it's too late. Rwanda Wants 60% Of Students In TVET By 2024 -
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Health Promotion-MoH Gambia 15h
Is observed that there are many reports of cases of like symptoms spreading these days in . Signs and symptoms include blocked/stuffy noise, severe headache, joint pain, chills, cough, sore throat, fatigue. Seek medical attention immediately if noticed these signs
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Ousman Ceesay ✏️ Sep 12
You wonder why we are in deep shit? Read this hogwash by on the mediocrity that is Baa Tambadou's tenure at . Folks going to bat to defend their friends for issues that they were decrying a couple of years ago.
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Fady Hocheimy 16h
How long does it take to fill a pot hole? Someone help me understand why the only road we have connecting traffic light to the other side is congested all day and all night because of few pot holes.
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Bliss Executives 1h
The Second Session was on transforming The into a service Oriented Economy - Voices of the Stakeholders and it was facilitated by Mr Abdoulie Bax Touray of Sahel Invest.
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Sanna Camara Sep 17
Central Bank of The assures that banking industry won't be harmed w/ the inquiry report into 's financial activities. Vol 9 of the report mandates Central Bank to implement... "would not adversely affect the strong financial position of the commercial banks"
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Sidi Sanneh Sep 13
In the name of accessibility and transparency, can Government of The provide the general public + bilateral and multilateral partners with a link to access the soft copies of the Janneh Commission Report and the White Paper.
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Gorr Gorr Lu Offecial 2h
BUTAKALO the MixTape 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥! October 26, at Jakarlo! Now this is how we do it in Gambia 🇬🇲🤪💯 the Gambian love is real 🙏🏽👍🏽 Thanks to the beautiful 💕 Go get your tickets NOW ✌🏾
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Mustapha Njie (Youthman) Sep 13
Earlier today, I joined the Youth Council on their 3rd on reforms in the , at MansaKonko, to speak on the needs for skills acquisition of the Youths, & the importance of being Self reliant, in development
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Marion Volkmann-Brandau Sep 16
Meet the Ziemans, a successful Gambian couple. While Madame is an Economic Adviser (how best to spend your millions), Monsieur is Ambassador at Large.
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Elizabeth Njie 4h
let's show how we take care of one another.
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Letters:Barrow should take Janneh Commission Report before the National Assembly
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Should UDP apologize to Gambians for giving us Barrow?
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