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All That and a Cougar Too🥂 3h
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@RealBiglyTariffman 2h
Replying to @SenatorRomney
Mitt Romney everybody! Take a bow Mitt! So Mitt, when did you first decide that being a hypocrite was your life’s calling?
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Kimemdoyle Aug 15
Took a hiatus away from Twitter. I decided that silence makes evil stronger and our voices do matter.
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Mary A Aug 19
We won't get justice as long as Barr is the AG
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jdf26downthelane Aug 21
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Wayne0 19h
is a hate spreader. A human raised into greed and selfishness. Hate and lies is who this human represents. I FEEL SORRY FOR THE WORLD'S 98 %
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CAR Aug 20
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
The president is an idiot. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
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@RealBiglyTariffman 16h
Replying to @SuckerCarlson
This is the soft landing that every damn GOP loser gets. Bankrupt a state, cut school to 3 or 4 days a week because there’s no money? Get a cushy cabinet level job in the White House and all your worries are gone.
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Nobody Special Aug 14
Replying to @SafetyPinDaily @KWkq7
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@RealBiglyTariffman Aug 13
Replying to @RandPaul
You voted for the Tax Scam didn't you?
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Demon 13h
Replying to @mikefarb1
The GOP didn't go to all of that trouble of stacking the court for nothing.
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Glenn Beasley Aug 20
Only because the lets them. If the weren't so spineless the NRA would be powerless.
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@RealBiglyTariffman Aug 19
Replying to @GOPChairwoman
And beating The Dotard in the polls! Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to dunk on you again. Maybe you're just overworked since you had to get rid of your Finance chair(Sexual Harassment), and both deputy finance chairs(Felonies) it must be a strain.
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Nobody Special 18h
Wow! Trump is compromised. Our country in turmoil... We are a laughing stock, because of the orange, crazy, fat, lazy guy. 😠😠😠😠😠
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@RealBiglyTariffman Aug 20
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Nobody Special 16h
Thank you Jay for your passion on the environment. I am with you. 100%. I am sick that they quit picking up our recycling any longer, where I live.
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Peter Savas 🏳️‍🌈 18h
We did. It just didn't stick because of .
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ACT2 21h
Replying to @Jenny_Howard_92
This is the ONLY Republican platform I agree with, and it’s from the 50’s before they became the party of greed, corruption and hate. Today’s GOP is anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-middle class.
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Ellen 22h
Don’t worry, we know it’s not cowardice that prevents from keeping his word. It’s
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ACT2 24h
Replying to @GOP
We know where the GOP gets their money... and who they are beholden to because of it.
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