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Tom Watson Sep 24
Mitch McConnell just said the women are lying. On the floor of the U.S. Senate.
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tara strong Sep 23
I can’t believe the is still considering . I can’t believe Kavanaugh hasn’t withdrawn. REALLY ?!!! Can’t you find another candidate? I’m sure y’all have lots of other friends who want to take away women’s rights but hasn’t assaulted one.
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Victoria Brownworth 4h
So now sexual assault is a joke for the ? This guy is Broward County, District 22. So you can donate to the Democrat.
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Mark Davis Sep 23
The case against grows more ludicrous by the hour. However, if this nomination dies by the death of a thousand cuts due to overaccommodation of this nonsense, there will be absolute hell to pay.
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ShannonJoy 17h
Forget ... The is about to the entire country with their massive 4th Amendment shredding expansion bill.
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Republican Lisa Murkowski Unsure if She Will Support Brett Kavanaugh After Bogus Sexual Assault Allegations
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WAApartmentNews 14h
Replying to @AP
Well the just told women where they stand. I cant believe in 2018 that reports of sexual assault by two separate women do not merit at minimum an investigation for the . This will be devastating to the future of the when it comes to women and minorities.
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Newt Gingrich Sep 24
This is very good news for ahead of .
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Mason T. Becker 18m
The full on hypocrisy on display by the re: contrasted w/ how they treated Merrick Garland is completely beyond the pale, even for these shameless bad faith actors. Democrats absolutely must extract political revenge when they retake Congress.
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Mary Karr, Author Sep 24
The degree to which senators don’t mind if women are raped is truly mind blowing....
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Gina InTheBurg 10h
Joyce Vance to Lawrence O'Donnell: Rachel Mitchell has been selected by for her skillset in being able to gently elicit testimony frm victims so they can tear Dr Ford apart w/out looking like mean old white guys doing it. She won't be cross examining testimony.
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tara strong 7h
Hey , bad news, vote.
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@kim 10h
So sweet of to fly Sheriff Arpaio’s henchwoman 2,000 miles to ambush Christine Blasey Ford. Was the Marquis de Sade not available?
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Happy Chichester 12h
Republican Party still colluding with the Kremlin to poison American democracy, waging a 21st century disinformation/propaganda warfare campaign to deceive the public, & defending the organized crime , not our Constitution.
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JS 13h
The R's are frantic because they know they need to get this vote done asap! announcing his findings probably terrified them. I would imagine he will be dropping that bomb pretty soon & that's gonna be a complete disaster for the . ⏰🙏
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Gary Shapiro Sep 24
Another woman, this time from , has accussed nominee of sexual misconduct. This as Dr Christine Blasey Ford will testify against him on Thursday. Kavanaugh denies both claims. leaders are confident he'll be confirmed.
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Beverly Spence 2h
yes many dems have made up minds to vote against , as you recall the hearings were over-they for good reasons see him as political operator, rigid ideologist, did not tell truth about stolen e-mails.... refused info.-had enuf say NO!!
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Candace Brown 23h
Replying to @senorrinhatch
Oh, no, I believe the has already done that, with you in the lead.
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Mary Lou George Sep 25
This is sickening. is so corrupt it’s hard to know where to start. They will pay no penance. They never do. The stole election in 2000 Bush took world to war, destroyed economy Obama fixes it and he’s vilified. Hillary is vilified. And now this. Time to boot
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Rep. Marc Veasey Sep 25
It’s ! Today my colleagues and I will address ways our voting rights Resolution can end voter suppression tactics in this country. Make sure you’re registered. Check-in with family and friends. Your voice matters.
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