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RougeWHAdvisor Sep 9
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PurpleGimp Sep 11
Wow there's some serious dirty pool bullshit going on in North Carolina. What a shameful legacy to add to the abysmal record. !
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Ways & Means Committee Sep 13
The has been ruthless in their attack on the and they’re not letting up anytime soon. Help Dems sound the alarms – RT.
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Trish Regan Sep 11
A BIG win for in . says the is on the path to taking back the majority in 2020, watch:
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Julie Castillo Sep 13
I know there are some rational, compassionate people who are still registered . But after separating, jailing, and torturing children, the can’t be the party of family values. After trump, it can’t be the party of character.
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Sardar Shafiq Sep 11
Problem of school going children and their screening...
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Elastigirl Persists 🌊🇺🇲 Sep 10
Replying to @thehill @GOPLeader
Wow. Now we understand why none of wanted to do any of that pesky ethics training (that they apparently DESPERATELY needed).
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Sardar Shafiq Sep 14
A successful measels campaign in Punjab Pakistan conducted under the supervision of Distt Kasur 2018 Our mission is to make the Punjab, Pakistan healthy and strong.
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It isn't that Donald Trump is unfit for office. He is quite fit and well suited for dismantling the country itself. make no mistake that is why he is there!
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God Over Porn Sep 12
You may not be able to overcome porn in your own strength, but you can do so by the power of Christ. What’s impossible with man is possible with God- trust in Jesus.
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Kentucky Not Kochtucky Sep 11
Yeah, Stephen Meredith has been the bannerman for the GOP clan in the leading the 's war on public education. (I have Meredith's tweets from 2018 before he deleted his old account.) has done a bang up job creating the great teacher shortage in KY.
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Mason T. Becker Sep 13
Threatening to shoot people, ads burning a picture of a Congresswoman, etc. Not a good 24 hours for messaging.
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lisa S Marie Sep 10
Maybe it’s not a great idea for the to keep canceling their state primaries.
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Rene Velez Sep 13
Replying to @mitchellreports
What the and has done to this man is unthinkable in a democracy. Yet here we are. It’s time to vote all of them out.
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Nancy Stremmel Sep 8
Reagan would be rolling over to see fighting against
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Jon L'Hommedieu 18h
Even if this assault is on video, the corrupt will never do anything about it.
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Michele Wagner 20h
Replying to @mmpadellan
I am sick of getting away with anything! What do we have? Fraud Rape Murder ( Putin, Saudi Prince, Epstein) Violation of Constitution (Emoluments Clause) Changing Governments weather maps Faked deferments from military! My God... Why is TRuMP still ???
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Mark  S 24h
Replying to @JuddLegum
2 of 9 current ...multiple, credible accusations of sexual assault
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Gov. Bill Weld Sep 14
"If a party stands for nothing but reelection, it indeed stands for nothing.” , and I offer a few thoughts on the and :
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❄🗽🌊Dionna Reilly Sep 13
I think that by the time everything is exposed the entire world is going to be shocked at how deep the corruption goes including a number of Senators as well
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