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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Apr 9
The GOP, corp lobbyists, & Fox expose their dishonesty every time they claim the “bans cows,” steals people’s farms, takes your grandma’s lunch money &costs $100 zillion. Maybe if they actually did their job & read HRes109, they could avoid embarrassing themselves so often.
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Sara Nelson Apr 17
Flight Attendants have been told that and ’s resolution will ground all air travel. That’s absurd. Climate change itself is the job killer. We need everyone at the table to drive solutions that put workers first & leaves no one behind.
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KudosForNothing Apr 17
Replying to @AOC @StutteringTx and 2 others
That’s pretty damn insensitive - to use ‘stuttering’ as a political dig - people with speech issues (including, but not limited to, stuttering) suffer incredibly everyday. What’s next? Will your political foes be ‘lisp lying’ about the ?😔
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Dan Radzikowski 2m
And some people are still figuring out what’s actually going on. “The green dream, or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they're for it, right?" -. Well, gets it. gets it. These👇 co-sponsors get it. doesn’t.
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Mass. Peace Action 18m
takes the stage to praise the activism and energy. Recalls Boston’s role in abolition, suffrage, freedom rides, anti Vietnam war movements. Global temperatures and wealth inequality are both the highest ever. will create millions of jobs
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Juliet Schor 1h
⁩ mentions ⁦⁩ and crowd goes crazy. now too issue in domestic politics she says
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H. Eric Loewe 1h
MT "Sometimes people will say 'my district won't go for that' and I'm like 'You're D+10, what are you talking about?' It happens not just on climate but on everything." - w/ & on why some Ds won't fight for
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Bruce Gellerman 1h
Vishini Prakas Ex Dir Sunrise Movt at Boston launch calls Climate Change crisis “completely preventable”, “This is a matter of life & death...were taking our future back-we’re ready to roll up sleeves, follow our lead we’re making the top issue- a sacred task
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Joshua Filmer 5h
Good. The should have been addressed decades ago. At this point, we need to radically alter our energy production. Absolutely no expansion for fossil fuel infrastructure and end all current projects. Expand renewables like there is no tomorrow.
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Roman Jozaf 4h
’s complacency and ignorance towards climate change is, put lightly, worrying. Despite the far-from-perfect proposed by , she at least recognises the need for reform and change. While puts profits before sustainability.
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National green new deal tour begins in boston, where revolutions began
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Ray Wilkerson 10h
All good things. So why dissemble the pipelines carrying the needed lubrication supply? The point is doing such a thing would require reverting to more carbon intensive transport. is chock full of such short-sighted stupidity.
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Lisa M Fernandes 2h
Ladonna Redmond telling truth at ⁦
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Food Solutions New England 3h
FSNE staff are at & the Future of Food panel at tonight. Will tweet some nuggets!
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Food Solutions New England 2h
Talking abt 3 agricultural paradigms: extractive, conservative, regenerative - Connor Stedman
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Marshall 5h
Replying to @theintercept @AOC and 2 others
isn’t, it’s nothing more than more big government. Do your homework and learn about the supply chain of the rare earth elements required for “sustainable “ energy... there’s no sustainability there
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Cory Morningstar 10h
Unlocking 100 Trillion (from pension funds) to save capitalism. "It's Going to be Tremendous" (for the ruling class)
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Philip Boese Apr 17
Replying to @repbenraylujan @NRDems
Rep. BR Lujan, it’s time to cosponsor Green New Deal. The world is changing and we must too. Let’s make the new ways good ones.
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Irene Theochari 3h
Replying to @sajidjavid
You and your fascist self-servative party circumvent the law every single day. Stop , divest fossil fuels and get cracking on a . That's the least you can do, you bully. People are dying from the filthy air and Cons austerity. Do your job, I challenge you.
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Lane Nickerson 19m
The best indicator of a rep’s effectiveness & support is their local-level impact & influence. Love to see it Who’s next?
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