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Corey Vollinger 3h
Don’t get fooled by economic columnists explaining in erudite fashion how we must best grow . GDP is itself a fraught statistic, question-begging to say the least. Consider the mere fact that a nation’s GDP increases along with its govt. spending, (rather than vice versa).
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Xolani Mnguni 19h
Replying to @sjmofokeng12
Leave cuddling for grown ups
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Mohamed A. El-Erian 17h
With the 1st reading of US Q-1 growth out this week, a couple of charts showing how the forecast has evolved this year. Impacted by the shutdown, it started at just 0.3% ...and is now at 2.8% on the back of the household sector (Consensus estimate is 2.4%.)
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Sam Liu 5m
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Martin Tye Apr 20
But we have had 20 years of growth, ...isn't that all that matters?
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Martin Tye 6h
Replying to @obrien_cathie
In a way yes, GPI seeks a range of measures across the spectrum of outcomes, rather than our current singular reliance on growth (amt. of $ circulating in an economy) on the assumption that only good things flow from this pursuit.
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Wild Goose Apr 21
Replying to @StockBoardAsset
Actually, is NOT really wrong. Real net private national income per capita (how much is added after capital writedowns, wear&tear, etc, per person) is at all-time highs and has grown 2.3% compounded since the GFC low, a rate indistinguishable from the 20+ years prior
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If growth rate of were to fall by 50% in just two quarters, you would see headlines in all prominent newspapers and particularly sections of western of
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If we grow at 9% of for 20 years, poverty will vanish from the country: Mr Sandip Somany, President, in his address to FKCCI members.
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Samuel Zavaletta 16h
private nonfinancial to for several key countries
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FXStreet News 1h
NZ: Annual GDP growth likely to slow to 2% in Q2 2019 - ANZ
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raised year-end forecast for CSI 300 index to 4150 from 3800; raised China’s 2019 growth forecast to 6.4% from 6.1%.
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Ninjamonkey 14h
The goods & services of to reach $540 bn in 2018-19 . About 2X of the total of .
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Fred Steube 3h
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Nishant Kumar Apr 21
Replying to @nishant1945
3/n (Gross domestic product) is a flow. (Gross domestic capital Formation) is a flow. Whereas National Debt is a stock, Foreign Exchange reserve is a stock.
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Capital Wealth 12h
's production cutbacks and reduced deliveries could shave 0.4 percentage points from . Further, the economists said their view of the second half has improved, and they now forecast growth of 2.5%.
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The Micro Criticer Apr 18
Congratulations this is a big step for both and growth
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Hafeezur Rahman 10h
India’s digital infrastructure will revive the economy: Nandan Nilekani at FICCI NECM. Need to invest at least 2% of in & and : Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.
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Trepp 17h
Replying to @TreppWire
Thus far, the markets have been helped by more positive surprises than negative ones. (The Atlanta Fed lifting estimates on Thursday was certainly a welcome announcement.)
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Wade Tharp 14h
Replying to @WalshFreedom
$1.5 trillion tax cut mostly to corporations where the largest pay almost no federal tax. Invested mostly in themselves to improve stock value. Student loan forgiveness allows people that have education but can't afford to live now afford to, invest in new business, etc.
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