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Nothing will fundamentally change. Ever! Not as long as we keep supporting candidates that suck.
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Josh Biller 14h
Social distancing is NOT getting takeout everyday thus increasing the number of interactions you have.
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Sydney Adventists Mar 28
Don’t put a question mark where God puts a full stop.
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glenda davies Mar 28
We all have a duty of care to our most vulnerable - don’t turn a blind eye x
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Rule of thumb for -- Marty is ALWAYS right!
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John Doherty Mar 27
James McClean is a clown
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Polly 4h
Replying to @gem_tizz
Lipstick on the pig. Bluster and bullshit
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Molly Penny Mar 24
Our President is a lunatic.
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Bham Will Mar 26
🤷! A racist gonna hate! Having said that, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL? Stop! Just stop being a racist! Native born or foreign; Black, brown, tan, or white! S T O P B E I N G R A C I S T!!!!!! Diversity is a good thing! Diversity makes EVERY community better! you racist
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Justin Trudough 10h
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Ameer Jehan Jamaldini (#StayHome) Mar 23
No one can make them understand.
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CourtneyBooker Mar 24
I will not watch this briefing. I am too embarrassed and honestly quite scared for what the next two weeks will bring to the US. Stay strong. And stay inside. 🛑
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Coach Gus Thompson Pearl Mar 26
Replying to @JohnJHarwood
It originated in Wuhan. It’s the Wuhan Virus. China’s Communist government hid the contagion, lied about it, and exported it. They’re still lying.
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Ruby Mar 25
Replying to @BrianEntin
A ship of Jewish refugees were refused a FL landing in 1939 resulting in 1/3 being murdered.
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j. reid Mar 28
Replying to @jeffemeral
Cosmic brownies are just a shade better than circus peanuts
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Jenny B. Mar 28
A human mother & the ethical considerations that surround are not the same as a farm animal. Yes, both are part of the animal kingdom. Your logic is faulty, your facts as per your expertise on farm animals, offer a different ethical standard, you fail on conclusions.
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💧Bird Mar 24
is a just Complete failure As A Leader‼️ In fact is A in everything he does 🔘
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#socialdistancing #COVID-19 Mar 28
Replying to @Shevhas
She's old enough to be my mother, disagreeing with the Administration does not warrant disrespect. That is my point. P.S I need no validation from anyone, I have more to offer myself than the government does.
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Stay Home / Social Distancing in Ohio Mar 28
We’re more viral than a virus. Spread the word National Physical Distancing Now. A Medical Malady A Social Solution
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Thomas 15h
Replying to @DeeTwoCents
I’m beyond tired sista girl...if people can’t recognize this MoFo is nothing more than a psychotic POS , then they too deserve to have their own character, and lack of morals put into question . 😤😡
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