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Fred The Felon🧢🍎🦄🦞🇺🇸 Sep 24
Getting loaded has a whole 'nother meaning now days. Freedom from active addiction is possible. Universal Basic Income will help stop people from going to jail out of desperation.
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Ramon Alonso🌱🧢🍎 Sep 27
Replying to @RamonAlonsoJr
A UBI by any other description doth kickbutt just as epically. <The was pretty spot on. > Hmm maybe more bubbles...
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Humanity Abroad🧢 🍎 Sep 23
Hey! Did you know that officially added to their platform? The description sounds oddly familiar to me.
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Khary Filer Sep 22
People shouldn't have to earn freedom.
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Jub 🖖🧢 ☂️🇺🇸 Sep 24
Great job . "We all need that power, and we have to recognize that’s what UBI is and that’s why we don’t already have it."
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Howard Chou 🧢☂️🇺🇲🍎Ⓜ️ Sep 27
Replying to @NishaniAlways
$1000 a month for ever brings 400billion to black and 1trillion to all americans every year, why only 500 billion?
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Alias 🧢 🌊 🐳 6h
should present how much tax would have paid under a vat tax that would have been distributed to the American people in a
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Brendan Heisler🧢 Sep 24
Replying to @Timcast
Not sure how it will "cause a substantial increase in the cost of low skill labor" if someone receives it independently of employment.
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Shane Moynihan 🇺🇸🧢📲 🌊 Sep 22
Replying to @ZachandMattShow
Big Thank you Matt! I can’t wait for the ’s Day of Birth!!!
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License to Live 🌻🌺🧢🔮 Sep 26
Bayard Rustin: Universal Basic Income, The Freedom Budget, & the Future of the Civil Rights Movement
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Brendon Carpenter 🌊🧢🇺🇸 Sep 20
Congratulations to the campaign for DIRECTLY PAYING GRANTS to her constituents in need & to demonstrate the efficacy of a 😄👍 The movement in Tennessee is principled & compassionate, ❤️
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ℰ𝓁𝒾  ℛ𝒶𝓂𝒾𝒮𝒶𝓃𝓉 Sep 21
Replying to @EliRamiSant
Our data is extremely valuable to all social media platforms. It’s only fair if we get a share from their earnings because they’re banking on our data.
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Jack 🧢 Sep 21
Replying to @VICE
This is sad and terrible...people need help. They need
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Rob Bruce 🧢 2020 🌊 Sep 20
Replying to @PatrikOpacic
The whole idea of a normal "retirement date" is an artificial construct of the benefits system. But once replaces the retirement pension, individuals become free to choose how and when they work throughout life. - everybody gets it!
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Freedom Dividend Coin Sep 23
Freedom Dividend Coin Stimulus - Get 10,000 Free FDC
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Vegans for Andrew Yang 🪑🧢🍎🏴 Sep 21
Replying to @futureismath
could be a cool function of the citizenship portal for data harvester offers to appear there for you to accept or decline. if you do, their usage payments could be added right to your .
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(੭・෴・)੭ Robert Bajor 🚀 Sep 24
. and had a great conversation about this on the podcast. I recommend anyone interested in this investment give that episode a listen 🎧
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Daniel Hsieh🧢☂️ Sep 22
Replying to @AndrewYang
So if you convinced him/her of UBI's importance, the other major downstream policy proposals like funded partially by and will follow much easier into place under his/her administration. Color me ultraviolet-excited.
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