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simplegiftsgalleries 1m
Am a big believer in , that's why didn't give to son. is torture to autistics, personally; but fits the science paradigm, sort of. , yes--, no. Maybe I should listen to podcast and relate it to that. My agenda, anyhow...
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SelfishWizard Sep 15
Replying to @danieldennett
As human behavior is in your view determined there is no free will and people can't make conscious decisions, there is little point in advertising your house. If someone was determined to purchase it, they will do so. Otherwise not. Good luck with the sale!
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vague & candid 22h
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Robert A. Bing, Sr. 42m
God will not violate your WILL... If you don't want Him in your life, He WILL HONOR that!
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Shemyazael Sep 15
Replying to @chubbyslowkid
You must be ! "Do I have to follow this "code"?" 👆 don't "have to follow" any code as God gave you and YOU are the "law"
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Fornik Tsai 24m
We are not , but we have a snake-like heart — just the myth of .
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Angelo A. Salatino Sep 16
, nothing new... but an eye opening argument on how our free will can be tampered ... Yuval Noah Harari: the myth of freedom
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Miss Toni if you're PETTY 12h
Lordt! The accuracy! He nailed Scummy to the wall with that one!
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Philip Goff 3h
Skeptic and I solve the mysteries of and , all in a one hour episode of with
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Jacqueline #ProudAmericanGirl JVTB 9h
Wow people unfollowing someone for unity and humanity so much and 🙏🙏🙏🙏
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Advocates of Life #ViganosArmy Sep 18
Replying to @VeriCatholici
i don't really agree with buying products from . i don't want to empower a communist country. but you have your God-given , so, it's all up to you =)
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Bill Prudich 6h
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Willis Dennis 7h
I wonder how they feel when they do exactly what they tell you they don’t do.
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Mylaw Twisp Sep 11
We think we can control our perception let alone out interception... is an illusion We are just witneses of what happens to us 🤔🤔
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Zeek's Critique: Seeking Truth🔎 Sep 16
Replying to @LilyPlum2
? By they to ignore —brazenly imitating ideas & actions like PRESUMING what's & ; & to ‘be ’ unto themselves—playing Satan's
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Carla Baron Sep 12
Replying to @i_stephie
Hence the term . 😉
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🕊LongLiveSwipey🕊 Sep 12
Replying to @bigdawglonii
Happy Birthday ♥️🤞🏽🤘🏽 Be safe out here 📍💯 🐝♥️🖇 🤞🏽😤 🕊♥️
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♛ Gigi2 Ⓥ 💎 Sep 18
~REPENT! To repent means to turn to God & *turn AWAY from evil*! Use God's Word to help YOU really understand *how to repent for your sins*.~ #2 Peter 3:9
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C G Sep 12
Once again, your interpretation of Scripture is completely unorthodox. You limit God’s love. You limit His grace. You limit the work of the Holy Spirit. All so that YOU can be ‘unconditionally elected’. For God so loved the world...and desires that all would be saved.
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Seven Seas 24h
Replying to @glennbeck
We are all tribal except when we decide not to be. People need to believe in something. It’s either going to be sense or nonsense.
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