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Arash Iranpor 21m
Replying to and 3 others THE FACE OF THE FUTURE DEMOCRATIC IRAN Our demand for future of is no to Shah no to the Mullahs,
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Sue Shew Jan 17
Replying to @marydidia
Terrell called Sammy out on her crazy games and threats, now they are threatening to sue him. Didn't Sammy go on and on about free speech. Well, yea, he's got it too!
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Nathan Jan 16
Replying to @Roku
WTF Roku? So Pornhub is okay, But real fucking news is out the window? When you decide to enter into this dog and pony show, you are picking a side. We love our Rokus, but not that much. If you wanna censor what we consume, we just won't consume with you.
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Freed Speech 15m
The left can debate the effects of a border wall, but all Americans should need not to debate free speech. Hate speech is free speech. (It doesn’t mean hate speech isn’t bad) The government should not interfere with your opinion.
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Arash Iranpor 38m
Gen George Casey: Iran involved in terrorism in Iraq via Replying to
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Korush 22h
Replying to @Korushmohamady
I would like to have a free and free Internet available to the Iranian people, which had already been mentioned by President Tramp.
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Scott Cunningham 19h
I was told to check out DailyMotion as a place to upload but they've already started age restricting my videos. It's like a shadow ban in a sense. Interesting that they did when I didn't swear or show anything NSFW. I simply spoke on philosophy
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Nordanblod IS BACK - III Jan 13
R.I.P my two old accounts I had🤷🏻‍♂️
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Jay Barber 4h
Replying to @IanBegley @Enes_Kanter
If our doesn’t do anything else I believe is right or wrong idc!!! Just tell we will not turn our backs on Hes a now and we dont play that Bs out here is not a
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Korush 23h
Yours faithfully, Mr. Minister: Calls for the free and free Internet access to the Iranian people, which President Tramp had previously referred to.
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Steve Parsons 5h
Freedom is not free unless both sides can exercise their freedom to believe what they choose and follow those beliefs. .
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J to the O 15h
What's not going to happen is stans trying to come for me & my opinion.
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Speech First 41m
Who are we if we dare not speak our thoughts?
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Matt Green Jan 16
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Louise Rochefort #FBPE 21h
Ermm Jamie is a advocate I'll have you know, do not lead him to the dark side.
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Replying to @pewdiepie
The challenge for monopolistic content platforms like YouTube is that people want inspired content from authentic people. While it is relatively easy to buy platforms, it is hard to buy authentic and inspired people with real voices. knows it.
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Eric Adler 4h
"I'm attracted to dangerous people." (Milo Yiannopoulos) - I wonder if he had felt attracted to Hitler and Mussolini in the 20s and 30s? What's the relationship between femininity, masochism, and totalitarianism?
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Epyc Wynn 46m
Userview: Proudly partnered with r/4chan!
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FreeOpenDebate Jan 10
Is it your usual practice to reply to someone and then immediately block them? Says a lot about your character and willingness to engage with fair and open debate. Are you just tailoring your Twitter page to be a personal echo chamber?
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Everyone 14h
We're not gonna be James Gunn'd.
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