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Lord Lurkin ♞ Apr 15
Replying to @LurkinLeft
Anti-Semitism? "Its a trick we always use it" Shulamit Aloni (Former Israel Ministry of Education)
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🇵🇸New Palestine Movement (NPM) Apr 16
We must stop the unlawful movement by zionism who continue to kill & steal Palestinian land. The world gov. must stand by the Palestinians if they stand by humanity!
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🇵🇸 Free Palestine Initiative 🇵🇸 Apr 17
Gaza will be free soon from the zionists radical terror! We will not stop the protesting for our human rights until our freedom and homeland is granted! We are humans too!
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🇵🇸New Palestine Movement (NPM) Apr 14
Wait! All I see is a protester peacefully protesting for his human rights. I do not see any rock throwing or any weapons but the zionists, radical regime shoots & inflicts a young UNARMED Palestinian protester! UNARMED!
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Mohamed Allouche 20m
Replying to @bullyb170
thats why haha, love you my brother
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الأندلسي Apr 18
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian student was shot and injured with Israeli live fire, on Thursday afternoon, in Tuqu village, southeast of the southern occupied West Bank district of Bethlehem.
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Women For Palestine Apr 11
Savages! Family of European illegal settlers chasing and hitting sheep of Palestinian shepherds and vandalizing crops.
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David Turner #MustBeAMarxist Apr 18
Replying to @margarethodge
Why not just list the obviously true allegations? You are an apologist for a murderous apartheid regime guilty of ethnic cleansing Plenty of evidence to support that, no conspiracy theories
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Arabs For Bernie Apr 17
It is not anti-Semitic to want rights for Palestinians.
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Popular Front for the Liberation of Moon Palestine Apr 11
Replying to @israelproject
You mean occupy the moon!
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Alpha Bravo 7h
"IF YOU'RE NOT CAREFUL the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing."
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Yi-Long Apr 17
Apparently, the majority of Israeli voters are perfectly fine about those systematic crimes against humanity. Make of that what you will.
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🇵🇸New Palestine Movement (NPM) Apr 12
No chance at peace when Bibi is the PM. He has falsely orchestrated hope of a peace solution but he knows he has no intentions in doing that. He has the backing of his fellow racists partner, Trump so Bibi won his re-election on campaigning land theft & killing.
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Farah Nabulsi Apr 14
This past year around 200 protesters in Gaza have been killed, including children, in the In ratio to the US population that’s the equivalent of say 32,000 US citizens being shot for demanding freedom & basic rights. Think about that
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Socialist Voice 🌐 3h
Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike ends in victory as Israeli authorities capitulate to their demands 🇵🇸
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🇵🇸 Free Palestine Initiative 🇵🇸 Apr 15
The illegal occupiers must be threaten so badly by the Palestinian waving his flag that it took 5 armed cowards to stop one unarmed protester. The Palestinian people deserve their freedom against the occupation! 🇵🇸🇵🇸
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🇵🇸 Free Palestine Initiative 🇵🇸 3h
We seek a peaceful state of ours that was stolen by the illegal occupiers. In order to bring peace to the Middle East, must be free of occupation & reestablished as a homeland for all! That is why we protest! 🇵🇸♥️🇵🇸
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Syeda Sakeenaسکینہ 7h
They will never break us " The of prisoner Asem Barghouthi said while standing over the rubble of her son's home which was demolished by Israeli forces. IOF accused Asem of killing 2 Israeli soldiers near Ramallah few months ago.
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Syeda Sakeenaسکینہ 13h
Good morning from Oppressed . My friend and I planted olive trees in east Gaza to confirm that we are the owners of this holy land and one day we will return.
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Rasha 13h
I wish you a nice day to follow me 🌸🌹 Good morning from besieged
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