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btsan Feb 20
Replying to @rkivekim
to all those who are in my mentions complaining about this and engaging in erasure, I have one thing to say: 🇵🇸
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Joan Bates 19h
Gaza has been under Israeli blockade for more than a decade. At least 35000 people earn their living from fishing. This fisherman from Gaza earns his family's living with a plastic boat he made from 700 recycled bottles.
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Lynda Lovon Feb 12
Replying to @ACTforAmerica
Get Israeli lobbyists out of US politics! Israeli Apartheid is unAmerican!
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Lexi Alexander 16m
Replying to @Lexialex
If I can’t use words...I’m gonna need more thobes
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‎﮼رفيف 🇵🇸 Feb 17
Those who do not have the courage to risk will not achieve their goals. ✌🏻️🇵🇸
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Achmat Feb 19
In their own words. The goyim needs to try to make sense of zionism.
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Sami Zayn Feb 19
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CannonsLeft 18h
Replying to @Israel @TeamSpaceIL
May your spaceship blow up into a million pieces Apartheid State people.
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Carol❤️Palestine Feb 17
Good on John Legend! 🇵🇸 American singer-songwriter John Legend: "We should also speak up for human rights for Palestinians, for too long it's been out of bounds for progressives.."
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Nizar Hassan 2h
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Zaina Feb 15
This is an everyday struggle.
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Achmat 3h
What israel's right to self defense looks like.
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Press TV Feb 13
Israeli forces kill another teen in the West Bank
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Maria  ⏳ 15h
Israel would not survive without the US. ($10million/day) It doesn't matter if everyone in the world boycotts Israel, the US is still going to subsidise the horrors and the daily atrocities, and [Israel's] not going to stop the brazen massacres. - 🇵🇸
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Sloan 2529🎗 Feb 20
Replying to @iKhaybar
🇵🇸 . Israel stop killing Palestinian Syrian children.
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chase 5h
the other quote that is marked out is sadly fake, supposed to be from einstein. nevertheless
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Jakub Garbowski 9h
Replying to @BreakingF24
. Is that antisemitism? No. Zionists do very xenophobic politics, and they attack countries to take their land. Anti-zionism doesn't mean antisemitism. Antisemitism = hating semites, not objecting zionism.
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julietasalgado Feb 13
Replying to @manabafemme
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Sam Stevens 5h
Replying to @AndyTanglewood
Wtf “Palestine live” is anti Semitic according to Jess Phillips. No it isn’t Palestinian have a right to self determination
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Rain B☮jangles &: {) 🇱🇸  🇵🇸 Feb 13
Replying to @LadyRedWave
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