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Cheri DiNovo Nov 17
So just discovered is taking down wind turbines in Prince Edward County at the tax cost of 141 million. He's also a dupe for
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UK prime minister Boris Johnson introduces a 10-point climate plan that includes a ban on fossil fuel-powered cars by 2030
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PK Read Nov 20
Replying to @Alex_Verbeek
- corporate funding of education/textbooks, with corporate interests inserted into schools (esp ) - separation of religious/cultural groups from public education - elevation of private schools vs lack of public school funding - suppression/denial of US history
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RE-Invest India Nov 17
India’s vision for will be carried forward by the . already plays an important role in the augmentation of grid power, providing access, reducing the consumption of , & helping the nation pursue its low carbon development path.
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Melinda Gibson Nov 18
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Global Catholic Climate Movement Nov 20
More and more faith institutions are choosing to divest from to live out their values. Why are they divesting, and what does that mean? 🎙️🌐 Listen to the NEW episode of our Podcast with Daniela Finamore, GCCM Divest-Invest Coordinator. ▶️
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Coldcut Nov 19
Proud to rep with this sustainably produced t-shirt 🌍 Defund the industry with
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“Don’t buy it” Nov 21
Replying to @kgeich
Golf weather in November? Give me more Global Warming!
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NSE Global Nov 20
“The coastal plain region, where land could be auctioned, is considered some of the country’s last pristine wilderness, containing dozens of polar bear dens, essential migratory bird habitat, and caribou calving grounds”
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Irish District Energy Association Nov 24
Eva Hoos, of calling for higher ambition in EU Policy to tackle the heating and cooling sector which accounts for 50% of EU's final and primary consumption based primarily on . Eva also shares the key benefits of 👇
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Ember Nov 17
overtake again as the main power source for Europe. Read our analysis of EU electricity generation last month:
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Earth Accounting Nov 24
The Danger of Big Oil’s New Methane Emissions Pledge via
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Wallace Global Fund Nov 17
Replying to @WallaceGlobal
In recent years, have been the lowest-performing financial sector, and the effects of COVID-19 on performance this year is likely to impact that further. Back in April, the price of oil turned negative for the first time in history:
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Yann for climate justice Nov 19
Coal exit in Europe ongoing. But it is not going fast enough especially because of Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.
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John Bulloch Nov 20
wildfires a product of . Lower property values. Monster repairs of roads and powerlines. Air quality worse than . State to become free of by 2050. Solar on the rooves of new homes. Off grid solar and battery boom.
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Home Smart Energy Nov 24
A solar-powered home can reduce CO2 emissions by 100 tons within 30 years!!
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Timur Medzhitov Nov 18
One of Biden's 10 climate executive actions: "Double down on liquid fuels like advanced biofuels and make agriculture a key part of the solution to the climate crisis." I thought this idea failed in the past?
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Dariel Garner Nov 22
This oven requires no . Solidarity to all my friends stopping pipelines, etc.
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IEA Hydrogen Nov 20
Demand for has grown X3 since 1975 and it keeps rising. Now it's almost entirely supplied from , with 6% of global natural gas and 2% of global coal going to production . We need to transition to in order to decarbonize our economies!
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Joanne Bell Nov 21
Replying to @jamieclimate
Greenwashing in action...
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