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Philip Hadland Jun 17
For here is a drawing of a Croc from in Geology & Mineralogy Considered with Reference to Natural Theology by Rev William Buckland (1836).
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Dr. Win 38m
Some bison at the National Bison Museum (in North Dakota)
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Oden 18m
United States Spend Ten Times More On Fuel Subsidies Than
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New offering; genus Basseiarges mellishae The arthropod fossil seemingly tracked across the sea floor, shown here in this illustration, solidified impressions of the carapace in the limestone seabed> now online.
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Manon Hullot 6h
Another day working with collections
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CLIME-IT Solutions 15h
Analysis Shows Fuel-free Outperformed Conventional Ones
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Oden 10h
proves once roamed 's Arctic Plains
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Gloucester PO Jun 18
Finds for the adventurer
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Open Quaternary 5h
Want to know more about awesome, cool hyenas? Read the blogpost by to our latest paper here: Photo credit: D. Froese
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UTEP Biodiversity Collections 5h
Our building manager asked if we had any sharks in our collections. Now, most of our collections are focused on the southwest US, so imagine our surprise when we found the only catalogued shark tooth in our collections from Dark Canyon Cave in New Mexico.
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Debi Fink Jun 17
While weeding our melon garden, found this fossil. It’s the best one I’ve seen on our property!
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Wayne Williams 23h
Our Future Is Not Fuel via
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nilesh mevada Jun 13
Explorist smartwatch
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Mem Jun 17
Replying to @ashleykempster1
Least you’ve still got Steve Morrison
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lil primo 🎉 23h
Replying to @amanintheforest
Where the hell did you get a vvs pen?
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Thomas van de Kamp Jun 14
False colors for : real-time sequence of a parasitoid inside a pupa during a scan.
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Our latest find of Today! This classic Asteroceras stellare ammonite> -classic fossil exhibiting calcification within the chambers and now set onto a fine bronze mount.
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Do you have young kids that like dinosaurs? If so, Dino-Digz, by Roars and Rattles, may be the game you’re looking for! Take a look at this week’s Spotlight! 🔝
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H&F Prototyping 3h
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Time Scavengers Jun 18
On our 'Types of Preservation' page, we walk you through how a becomes a fossil, and the different types of processes! Read more at
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