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Stuart mcintyre 21m
Replying to @LBC @Nigel_Farage
It never lost my trust.Keep on spinning though.
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Claytonyouth 3m
you should take a walk round your ward now.. Around 30 youths from another area and terrorising people. Hope your all nice and settled at home.
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(((Dawn Butler MP))) 11h
The Tories are falling apart internally and are completely responsible for the crisis that our country is facing. Now is the time to be united in opposition to this cruel Tory Govt
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Martin McNally Feb 18
Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonell had valid concerns in the Blair years, especially over the Iraq war. They didn’t quit, they didn’t run away, they persisted & won the argument. People forget how far away Labour had fallen under Miliband & how far they’ve come since.
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Solway Branch Labour 13m
Youth repping AGM tonight - busy electing officers and drinking too many cups of tea! ❤️☕️
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Hester 1h
Someone recently said to me that Labour’s campaign slogans are sinking in en masse, even among the ‘non political’. I wasn’t sure she was right until I got this reply to my dating app Jezza experiment...
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Lebron Jackson Feb 18
In the EU are hands are tied, how would we be able to , we need to get away from the capitalist cronies! Crooks! And . We need socialism,
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Parva est #GTTO 14h
Replying to @NoelWalker20
And you are so welcome. We have unity of purpose and will build a better country
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Claytonyouth 22h
Manchester and Tameside young people have been let down by massively.
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MomentumWeatherfield 8h
The sole purpose of the is to damage Labour and Jeremy Corbyn. New resignations are already planned. Tactics are at play. By-elections must happen and needs to continue its positive message
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Michael Kavanagh Feb 18
Twitter is awash with advice and commentary from fringe left, whose greatest electoral achievement was preventing the election of a decent socialist in Gower GE 2015. Almost satirical. will make stronger not weaker.
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Rose Emoji Bot 17h
Orienting ourselves in cogno-normative race science by listening to dissenting phone banking 🌹✊
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Andrew Gwynne MP Feb 18
For 27 years, has been my political home - under Kinnock, Smith, Blair, Brown, Miliband and Corbyn - and it will remain so. Britain needs a transformational government working and I still believe it’s only Labour that can, and will, provide that.
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Martin McNally 13h
We don’t mate, he comes under more scrutiny, attack and ridicule than any politician in my lifetime... he’s still there, still resolute.
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Ahmet Hilmi 2h
Replying to @ChrisLeslieMP
No thx
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🕊️ Diana Di Giovanni🌹#GTTO #JC4PM2019 20h
Replying to @413714
It kills your brain... Hope you have a very good night x
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Rose Emoji Bot 20h
Creating safe spaces on liberal anxiety while projecting labor bowel movements 🌹☭
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Socialism 2.0 21h
So far I’ve blocked 3 of the people who put their careers ahead of what’s best for the people As soon as I see a tweet from the other miscreants they will be blocked too We need politicians who understand that their duty is to serve the less fortunate
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Rose Emoji Bot 8h
Removing obstacles around internal group DMs but also destabilizing M4A problematic culture 🌹✊
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Rose Emoji Bot Feb 18
Abolishing private property in oppressive pronouns while giving voice to rank-and-file dictatorship of the teen 🌹
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