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VSiN 22m
Mitch Moss () & Paul Howard () chat with Fantasy Football expert and KFAN host Paul Charchian (). Fantasy football playoff season is just around the corner and Paul shares the advice you need to win.
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VSiN 4m
Professional Sports Bettor Marc Lawrence has a very strong take on the Iron Bowl as and renew their annual rivalry. on M-F 4A-7A PT/7A-10A ET & replay 9A-12P PT/12P-3P ET
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Replying to @BetoORourke
It's pathetic that you have to tweet this out; that the current administration is decidedly ignorant of these basics. THIS is what happens when we succumb to the "what have we got to lose" mentality and elect a businessman to the nation's highest office.
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VSiN 13m
College Football Handicapper Paul Stone discusses the recent history of the Apple Cup and shares his best betting angle for the game. on M-F 4A-7A PT/7A-10A ET & replay 9A-12P PT/12P-3P ET
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DiJo⏳ 52m
Prick! I guess I touched a nerve or he’s a coward. He’s Lebanese and defends the apartheid state of Israel. He cheers on Syrian “rebels” aka al-Qaeda. He’s a paid puppet. He can’t disappoint his masters, because telling the truth threatens his wallet.
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TruthSeeker 19m
doesn’t care about people, truth or American values. He has an agenda that involves SA & Russia, and cripple Iran, to control global oil supplies. He who controls the world’s oil (& the fiat petro dollar) wins... “Texas Gold”
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Steve Kerrigan 2h
Day 670 of presidency & still don’t know how he spent $30m+ of his - today’s a good day for to tell us where the $$ went.
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Follow The Money 💰 6h
Replying to @UcheCODE
Yesterday, during the 📻 show, a caller lamented the consequences of communities not showing interest in the projects in their locality. This is why and the rest of our team hold townhall meetings with communities to strengthen their capacities.
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Blazi Blazi Blazi 1h
If you’re mad and yelling and/or other government leaders. Stop and ask yourselfs things like, who are the actual richest people, and how much gold is really in Fort Knox?
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Robin 🏹 14h
🏀 Washington -3 Handicap Washington v Texas A&M 🌀1.90 (-111) 💰2 U
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Stuart Young 4h
LOL. "If the fee is big enough".
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Rewild & Rebel 10h
They're hopelessly conservative on everything. Look at the figures who run the corporation and you'll see why
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Capitol Comments 46m
either doesn’t realize that the U.S. holds ALL the leverage in its relationship w/Saudi Arabia OR he doesn’t care (or perhaps -like Putin-he’s been compromised by MBS too).
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Sk88queen 2h
Replying to @krassenstein
The press has been complicit since trump started running. They won't ignore him because he creates news, manufactured crisis, lies and gives them something to report about and creates ratings.
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El Gato Enmascarado 1h
Replying to @TransBlackheart
But if a cure/treatment is found how will anyone be able to make money from taking advantage of their suffering?
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Frank!B™ 4h
We're all selfish, let's not be hypocrites about it.
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eripsa 1h
Replying to @NoelSharkey
's article doesn't really touch on any of these issues, and doesn't make any attempts to , so I think it misses the heart of this issue.
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Trena 21m
is a total jackass and a disgrace. A journalist was tortured and murdered!!! crime family must owe them millions.
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Terry Ladson 23h
Bought and paid for by the KSA! You don’t care about this country! You don’t want MBS to stop writing your company and checks!
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Ashley Hughes Nov 18
Great witching hour action here
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