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Man in Lycra 2h
Why are the two mutually exclusive? Why not be proud of our contributions to EU? I love my country but hate the offshore hoarding wankers who've hijacked it.
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David Zalik 14h
NP View: Why is the federal government leaking questions from the press to a private firm? Just wondering...Is Irving Shipbuilding the Maritimes version of SNC Lavalin? Again, just wondering?
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Bob Hyman 18h
Guilty guilty guilty.
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Muazu Alhaji Modu (Little) 2h
Replying to @Muazulittle4
5. we provide citizens opportunity to actively engage and participate in holding governments at all level accountable for their spendings and budget Implementations
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#PoorPeoplesCampaign 3h
Replying to @keidekay
"Find who benefits." That's the whole thing.
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Pauly Howard Paulyism’s 2h
The shot selection is horrible. I wouldn’t try some of these shots in a game of horse
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Chip Staebell 18h
Ncaa is corrupt and their eyes are closed. They use the rules they want to for ratings.
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john davidson 1h
and on so they playing up to the redsox crowd. They predict all the yankee pitchers get hurt. Funny they mention Sale but he’s not going to have any issue. Meanwhile he was out half last year. Comical
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David Zalik 17h
Guess it is such thing as a truth telling politician. Why is our government so corrupt!? At every level? No Honor among thieves!
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Larry Moskowitz Mar 15
Replying to @Clive_Bates
One more word: . It's all about the big tobacco companies, like the big alcohol and pharmaceutical lobbies. They will not accept any level of loss because of or meds they can't exploit for profit. Simple.
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John Potter 4h
Great to see and on NESN this morning. This has become my favorite sports talk radio show!!!
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Tyndale1526 Mar 16
Replying to @nocoradio
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Bob Hyman Mar 15
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
You are a criminal. Get over it. Go do something productive.
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Yellow Pinkie 7h
Great to see you guys this morning on NESN !
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Sharyl Attkisson🕵️‍♂️ Mar 14
I can't imagine many scenarios where censorship is a good thing. And it's almost always pushed by money/political interests if you do the digging.
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Homesteading Otto Mar 17
I work the land & study the science. is real & becoming absurdly obvious. This is not a partisan issue, it will destroy our states economy & it's completely avoidable. Today's republican party is in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry.
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Rachel Lecy 15h
Which is why it was outlawed. The truth is comin out tho!🙌🏻
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Mary Thorazine More 12h
Replying to @lgbtvelour
That’s a highly case by case basis. In principle, partly, but that’s such a blanket generalisation. I’d say no. Especially since I work in healthcare, let’s just say I know that when you’re in the registry some providers aren’t *quite* as eager to save you
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Brian McC 10h
He writes for a living. There are many on both sides who rely on 'reaction'. . Another Hassan.
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Unknown Stuntman 4h
Cowardly attempt to defend McCain. Len Blavatnik must be tightening the screws on his GOP puppet.
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