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Theprinceofpopmusic Dec 10
Who does Me want to be other than I ?
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Istanbul is known for the ferry felines who can be seen in the streets in large number. If you are amazed by the cats and their interesting connection with Istanbul, read on.
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Sick People! Stay at Home. Not so sick People! You also stay at home.
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If you are an Indian national stuck in Turkey, UAE or the Eurpean Union, here are a few important updates for you.
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Surbhi Jindal Mar 29
Highly disappointed with RETWEET#4 Despite severity of situation due 2 global pandemic Coronavirus,@AirAsia@AirAsiaIndian is not refunding travel payment (planned trip 2 Bali 4 Apr) close to 87K made to them more than 4 months back . PLEASE HELP
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5/5 on by hareshhmhatre : Almaty-tour -
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Surbhi Jindal Mar 28
Replying to @narendramodi
Dear PM , it would be helpful if you also focus on the hard earned money stuck of your citizens in foreign trip plans. PLEASE HELP. This is third back to back request.
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Raja Vijaya Saradhi Dec 17
Replying to @FlynoteIn
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