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Andy Behrman Aug 23
The truth is that most are, deep down, just chicken shit and are Don't worry, because we're going to in 2020 in record numbers: we're going to add to the House, we're going to and we're going to dump
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Democratic Coalition Aug 23
Great News: John is launching a bid to unseat Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner and early polls show him up up 13 points. Help us send Gardner packing here:
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Senate Democrats 18h
Over and over the GOP’s anti-choice agenda has made this clear: If we want to protect women’s health, we need to .
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Imani Gandy🔥 Aug 18
Stop giving your money to and . Stop working for for free. If you want to , give your money to or give it directly to candidates.
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Fran Adkins 19h
*FLIP THIS SEAT* KENTUCKY (R-Toss up) Kentucky Senate candidate Amy McGrath released an ad Friday attacking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for having "left our coal miners behind years ago."
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Menen C Kim  🇺🇸 Aug 20
Worth a reminder of what the trump administration is: a degradation of our democracy. Do not allow anything to prevent you from voting this menace and GOP senators from office.
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Senate Democrats Aug 20
In 2020, we need to . It’s the only way we can make climate change a priority.
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Cyrus Toulabi Aug 23
Replying to @CyrusToulabi
: Trump is cynically "saving" Judge Amy Coney Barrett for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's SCOTUS seat. "I'm saving her for Ginsburg." She is anti-choice, anti-Roe v. Wade, and against everything RBG spent her life fighting for. We must .
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Wilmot Collins 14h
We need to raise $10,000 by our end of month deadline. Can you help us defeat Steve Daines by donating $25 or less to our grassroots campaign? Donate here:
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Yana for Wyo 16h
We are creating a solidarity movement in Wyoming to beat the fossil fuel interests and support a Green New Deal. We can hire a Campaign Manager if we raise an extra $3K in the next 2 weeks. Can you help?
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JΛKΣ Aug 22
Replying to @USMCLiberal
I have no doubt that, if the Democratic Party was 100% unified, we see many more low-polling candidates depart from the race for president, and work to defeat Republicans elsewhere. This is how we need to fight this—as one team, with one mission:
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qwri446 14h
not shore what it is exactly but it really sounds like a good cause, I’ll do my best to research the topic but anyone care to summarise?
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Democratic Coalition Aug 21
Retired astronaut leads Republican Sen. Martha McSally by a 46 to 41 margin in a new poll from the key swing state. Help us turn Arizona blue and here:
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CLB.Designs Aug 19
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Mr. Spock 🖖 Aug 23
Congratulations on jumping into the Senate race. This was a very logical decision. Wishing you success and you definitely have my support. is so important. Go Goliath.
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🏳️‍🌈 Pam 🏳️‍🌈 🆘 Aug 23
Other candidates to support to Mark Kelly Arizona Colorado Maine South Carolina Texas & support because Trump recruited Corey Lewandowski to run against her in NH.
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Ron Asher Aug 16
To counter Republican gerrymandering & voter suppression, Democrats must win overwhelming victories in 2020 to defeat Trump & Trumpism. With a coaltion of POC, women, young people, LGBTQ & educated white voters + GOTV, we will.
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Wilmot Collins Aug 19
It's unacceptable for a young mother to be forced to choose between paying the bills and taking her child to a doctor. No one should ever have to declare bankruptcy because they got sick. Healthcare is a right for all, not a luxury for the few.
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Flip The Senate Aug 23
We have 437 days to ! Our first 7 candidates are: for Texas for Colorado for Montana for New Mexico for South Carolina for Tennessee for Georgia We can do this!
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Flip The Senate 13h
Sending our love and huge support to today is his birthday! Happy Birthday, Andrew
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linda🧢 Aug 22
Replying to @Hickenlooper
Thank you Gov. Hickenlooper! The will support you! Please consider endorsing him 💙
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