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Brad Keithley Apr 20
Replying to @DavidEnd4
1. The underfunded pension is paid off as part of operating costs, as now. With a everyone contributes. 2. A is easier - less costly - to administer than the PFD.
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Brad Keithley 13h
Replying to @DinjiiZhuh
A brings everyone into the process on an equal footing.
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etherMD Apr 15
Replying to @IlhanMN
no deductions, no hassle.
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Shaggy Apr 14
Does anyone know if the new tax law is helojng to create this future recession? Wouldn't it make sense to have some sort of so everyone pays the same?
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Anna Z. 🇪🇺 Apr 19
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Rust Augustus Apr 15
Replying to @RealSaavedra
Holier than thou can only end with a
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Brad Keithley Apr 17
The didn't fully fund their , but say they will take that up next. They will tax ave, middle & low income > 7, 9 & 29% - but the Top20% < 3% - if they use PFDcuts. There is an alternative that would treat ALL Alaskans the same.
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Tim Barnard Apr 15
we need a ass clown
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flyw Apr 19
The new "convergenze parallele" is progressiva.
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Brad Keithley Apr 19
The editorializes in favor of layering yet another regressive tax on top of PFDcuts, this time via a payroll head tax, which again would target middle & lower . Our reaction: let's do taxes once & make them fair.
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Willow Curry Apr 17
Replying to @adamcurry
Well ... I didn’t say it was a flat tax system 😂😂😂
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etherMD Apr 14
W2’s suck. We need a 15% flat tax. No deductions, no games, no hassle. I feel like I work my ass off just to give it all to the government. My first marginal dollar is at the highest marginal rate thanks to my husband’s income.
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David McCandless Apr 17
People in flats are going to be pissed
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Michael R Shipma Apr 14
Just finished my taxes. Consider this my annual tweet.
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Pat Marowski Apr 15
Replying to @RepAdamSchiff
She does have a good point. Our tax code is so convoluted that you won't be able to figure out up from down. !!
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Capitalist Hammy B Apr 14
No, you really don’t. In some areas, you have politicians that buy votes with ever expanding entitlement programs and ppl get representation W/O taxation.
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Hearing the Falconer Apr 19
Hearing the Falconer. A blog for independent thinkers and political moderates. Today a moderate thinks about taxes. Please leave a comment.
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Bryan Greenway Apr 16
A tax "refund" is just an overpayment reimbursement, when will people stop thinking they're getting extra money? You simply made the government a tax-free loan.... The is a much better plan that keeps more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket.
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Bernard J LoVerde Jr Apr 15
How else do you end up with 44% of the populace paying no Federal taxes?
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Markos81 Apr 16
Replying to @tellquint
The more "progressive" the tax system the greater effort and skill are punished is the only fair tax.. Those that can "afford more" are usually less dependent on the government anyway and draw far less back out of the system
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