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E-Cell, IIT Bombay Jan 6
Here are a few golden glimpses of the Pre-Summit'19 that was held yesterday at IIT Bombay! We are grateful to Shri Nitin Gadkari from the bottom of our hearts for gracing us with his esteemed presence. Sahil Shah was as usual at his best with his quick jokes.
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joshua 15 Jan 12
I'm sorry but Beyonce looks ridiculous when she dances
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Claire ⫩ 13 Jun 18
Pleased with myself as I completed my first solo gym session today following my programme. Didn't skip any even though it was hurting a bit at times. I'm determined to tone up the flab!
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case 25 Jul 14
Me : "can you flap your thighs?" Angelica : "CAN I?! OF COURSE I CAN" @_angelica333
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Poppa Jawn 28 Dec 17
Replying to @AnnCoulter @Delta
Ride on the wing you’ll be playing a game you’ll never lose
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Savor Jan 4
Really amazed you get to travel the world and stay at 5-Star Hotels everywhere XP
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PRADT 21 Mar 17
ถุงละ 800 แคล 0/
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