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Mary Grace 18m
Just like you.. They are the one's who never give up. The one's who lived. The one's who fulfilled their dreams.
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Mary Grace 2h
Today is a beautiful day, don't be it your last.
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Mirai Feb 18
“Don’t let go of my hand forever, because l won’t let you go either.”
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🗣Chimchim💜 hobiuary👏 Feb 18
I feel so nice mom I feel so nice 😂🤣💜
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Mary Grace 1m
No endings. Only beginnings for future.
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TheScentGuruGroup Feb 21
The “Smell of Lilac” from the 2nd Edition of Essential Awakenings® Smell & Memory Kit was given at November’s luncheon with the vivacious & lovely honoree, . Lilacs bring back of & are symbolic of , &
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Mary Grace 47m
Seize the day. Don't wait for the future. Do it now.
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Andie Loxxa 🌸 10h
Bow down to this film 😭🙌 From the actors, director and staff grabi!!!!! Direct Paul Soriano grabi ka yung estorya at cinematography 🙌😍💕
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Goodnight babe 💕😍💖 I'll be dreaming of you tonight 😘😘
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박유정 (parkyoojung) Feb 18
my life so unfair...
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Jennifer Evans 20h
Replying to @AcatiaAcer
My boyfriend made me Hama bead love hearts with J + J on them. He also got me polly pockets for two consecutive birthdays. Hama beads are really satisfying to snap when you’re a broken hearted six year old
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Casemates 5h
Wine may be our but on who can blame us for joining in on the fun 🏝. Blood Orange Caborita 3 oz Cabo Wabo Blanco 2 oz Lime Juice 1 oz Blood Orange…
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🤔 Feb 17
God damn I love music
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Meme_ka_swag Feb 20
When a guy get 100% attendence in school.. Mom:- wahh...mera beta padhai me dhyan de raha hain Teacher:-keep it up *Le kamine Friends:- bhai bata b bhi do...kon hain vo😜
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Turn Me Up Cruz Feb 19
Replying to @ShiSheStu
Chilling in the trailer park with the typical yt gf... still searching for internet beats 🤷🏿‍♀️ I hate that I gave him my time to waste.
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Sara Helen Feb 15
Replying to @GaryBarlow
A true love never dies
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I feel.... Wicked. Feb 11
Replying to @vertigomia @tomlenk
Ooooooh I need things, buffy things.... Will raid storage.....
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Hamlet of Denmark Feb 18
Replying to @OpheliaDenmark_
I love you too! 😍🥰😘💙
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Shahad M KH 52m
I miss Boston 💔
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How To Tease A Man 11h
Men always want to be a woman's - women like to be a man's .
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