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NACAC Aug 18
Heading off to college can be an anxiety-ridden process for all teens, but first-generation and low-income students experience “a whole different level of stress"
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CHSS Dean Abbey Zink 2h
Did you know that 55% of SHSU students are First Gen? This event is a great opportunity to meet other First Gen students, faculty, staff, alumni, and allies. I’m and look forward to seeing you there!
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Avery Russell 2h
Are you a first gen student ? Consider attending the here on campus and hear from faculty, staff & students across 6 institutions & get tips on thriving! Don't forget to apply for fee waiver
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Thomas Chase Hagood 1h
Very proud how helps first-generation students succeed in partnering with parents through resources like the Parent Guide and more through
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Write That Research! Aug 14
Replying to @AnotherAcademic
I was able to hide behind being mature and "from industry" rather than - I took a tonne of skills courses at my uni (basically everything on offer), chatted to everyone, and found it easier to have those conversations with my supervisor re. research, networking.
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"Op-Ed: Two factors keep ‘new gen’ students from attending college. Here’s how to address them" via
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Gareth Fraser Aug 15
Replying to @NAnthwal
for college/uni, not PhD.
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Jennifer Morton Aug 12
It is now an actual physical book.
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Heather MSN, RN 17h
EdD (and college) life is my mom telling me “We have all year to think of an idea for your project, don’t worry. I’ll help.” (dissertation) My mom has no idea what I do for a living, but she is in my corner. It helps.
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NAF 23h
We're joining this Thursday for the ! Join us as we celebrate students and discuss how we can better support them.
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Jeltsin Jose Obregon Aug 14
Officially a College Student!🎓✍🏽
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PHEAA Financial Aid Aug 19
🎓 In a 4-part series, we chat with recent grads about grants and college experience.
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FirstGenandJuice Aug 19
Happy birthday, Bill Clinton! ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Fun fact: Georgetown University is the *only* college that he applied to. ⠀ ⠀
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Caiti Ward 4h
And so it begins... Orientation day!
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Insights & Outlooks 54m
. Moises Mendoza argues that financial aid applications should be redesigned to be more user-friendly and straightforward to better serve low-income students and students.
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Carolina Loch 15h
I just received my early tenure yesterday, at 2.5 years after my appointment. As a , uni graduate and speaker, I am beyond happy and proud. Thanks to my parents who supported my love for science and nature allowing me to live my Ikigai
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Steven E. Alvarado 17h
TFW you're on parental leave, but simply can't ignore all those Latino, black, & students asking you to be their honors thesis advisor and/or asking to participate in your research. I can't say no when they feel they have nobody else to turn to.
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Amy Nusbaum Aug 19
Hey Cougs! I know the first day can be overwhelming and I know it can feel like you're alone. Please know you have people on your team, we got you.
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#UniqueScientists Aug 19
Replying to @Tasia1409 @uni_lu
Nathasia is a doctoral student. She has lived in 5 different countries (Zimbabwe, Botswana, Cyprus, Netherlands & now Luxembourg). "Being exposed to so many different cultures has shaped the way I interact w/ the people around me & navigate the world."
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Américo Mendoza Mori 🇵🇪 Aug 18
Last time I ran into N,she told me about her project on biodesigns/healthcare.As a college she didn’t have money to travel to conference & present it. After suggesting her places for funding she got it! Sometimes the system makes us feel unworthy,But You belong!
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