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Poplar HARCA 4 Sep 14
Pack your swimming gear! The weather is looking good for the Festival on Sunday
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zoranĸanтιpaυl 17 Oct 18
Replying to @EdKrassen
Prepare yourself for disappointment. Unless he indicts Trump soon, this will most likely be a huge letdown. I hope that I am very, very wrong about this though!
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Kaz Hawkins (OFFICIAL) 20 Feb 18
I'm going to try periscope here tonight for you all to let your hear some songs ahead of & next month. 8pm 🎈
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NTCFDC 11 Oct 17
Good luck Manchester you are winners to thank you
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Bullshorn 29 Sep 17
That’s the plan!! On track. Inspections will be final determination.
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Philippa Collin May 27
Australia now has a Minister for Youth (lumped in with aging and sport). Senator Colbeck 'likes photography & music' so perhaps they think he'll relate to young people & make sure their interests are represented to government?
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Leanne Hawn 2 Jul 15
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John `Practicalli` Stevenson 6 Jan 16
Replying to @DevoxxUK
Well that's 5 session proposals I've just submitted to , hopefully one of them is of interest
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Pipper❄️ 13 Feb 18
Replying to @MdotClure @FoxNews
Shhh! Don’t bother them with facts! They are clearly too busy bringing EVERYTHING back to the Clinton’s- I think before the Trump admin is out the door, might even be able to blame the Great Depression on the Clinton’s 🙄
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The Royal Spectator 25 Dec 18
Replying to @DelMody @Getty
I'm hoping for some photos of Her Majesty....
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jenn harney 21 Aug 17
And I was the complete opposite-lean days over the summer. Something will be heading your way. All it takes is one email! .
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BJ David 7 Sep 15
Replying to @4torch
not throwing in the towel. Coming up for boys trip in couple weeks. Bringing skis just in case.
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k. 15 May 16
hopefully its happening this year only, satra ko shaadi to release 3rd half of this year.
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John Toohey 28 Nov 15
I think Chad Kroeger seems like a neat dude. Would really love to just sit and pick his brain someday!
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confirmed patootie 4 Jan 15
Halfway done with my application-- just need to do assessments and video!
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Elizabeth Friesen 6 Sep 14
Good morning! It started out cloudy and wet in today, but it looks as though it's clearing up, sort of.
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Shawnaa Lynn 3 Jan 18
Replying to @Shawnaaalynn
Stop being to scared to do something you always wanted to because you’re scared of failing!! ... I know it’s only 3 days into the new year but I have a really good feeling this year might be the year I overcome at least 2 of these obstacles!!
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💧 Dr Deb Nov 13
Meeting so many lovely people at including Sharon from who is up for a small consultancy award
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dale weatherhead 6 Oct 16
Application done ✔️@TUISeasonalJobs
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Kel 23 Aug 17
Submitted my Disney College Program application I am GLOWIN😭💛🏰🌈 !!!
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