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World Health Organization (WHO) Nov 7
Replying to @WHO
Films 🎞️ are a great way to share experiences and knowledge and prompt action that can change and save lives. In May 2020, at , WHO will host the first-ever Film Festival in Geneva🇨🇭 Find out how you can participate 👉🏾
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World Health Organization (WHO) Nov 18
The Film Festival aims to put storytelling power in the hands of people and seeks to showcase the role of individuals and communities as champions for health and well-being. Find out how you can participate 👉🏾
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UNIC Beirut Nov 24
Tell your story! If you’ve made a short film about health we want to hear from you. Any kind of movie and any kind of subject - provided it focuses on health. More:
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UNIC Port of Spain Nov 25
Can a film change and save lives ? Can your films help achieve ? There’s one way to know: participate in the Festival with your productions. Check this 👇🏽for info in how to participate
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janey Dec 2
FYI, Brother! Also, if you haven’t already, maybe take a look at , which could be the perfect forum for your footage on .👍
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Salud JCYL Nov 7
: las 🎞 son una magnífica vía para compartir experiencias, conocimientos e iniciativas que pueden ayudar a salvar vidas. La convoca su primer festival de cine 'La salud para todos'. Más ℹ, 👉:
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