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Konsepz 44m
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went on it 🔥 Keep watching the video by ft. x x Link on our bio
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Kenley Young 22m
Y’all ... she’s never played Laser Tag before, was the smallest player on the field (the vest weighs more than she does), and her big brother broke down in tears before the game started. But little code name “Basilisk” here ended up with the highest score on her team.
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Bev M 🌻 16m
I will never forget “you can and you will” So glad Arisa is ours! 🇨🇦
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SmithTrainingHealth 2h
Core training day with unstable equipment.....try kneeling on a Swiss ball while doing medicine ball rotations....
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priscille Lens 49m
God mold me into a much better person, much better leader & a thought provoking lady. I am working on 2 things right now:The inside of my heart & the inside of my pocket.
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Casey Bailey 1h
Check this out and see what I’ll be doing this year!
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Chip Jan 31
Replying to @GGraphicsinc
You're incredibly positive, Ashley. That's a huge gift to your family for you to focus on the blessings of your life instead of being defeated by your tragedies.
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Kyrsten Sinema Feb 9
Today was pretty epic. Ran my fastest half mary ever, 1:39! Then I ran some extra miles as Penie PRed her marathon in 3:49! Thx 2 Mesa PD for their support and a shout out to the for PRs all round!
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Kristylee Varley Feb 3
This post game mob is stressing me out! I’m not sure how hasn’t been trampled yet. Get it, girl!
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Marvis Herring Feb 5
Y’all better SLAY that red peacoat look! 🔥
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Mayor Nancy Vaughan Feb 7
SPOILER ALERT: at The Titan Games officer Ashley Hawkins crushes it and round one.
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Helen Razer Feb 4
Replying to @HelenRazer
Oh come ON. I'll write something fierce on my boozies.
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Pamela Christie 39m
I couldn't be happier for . He has more heart, grit, hustle, and tenacity than players twice his size. He has a life-long fan in this Boston girl. Much love and admiration, keep grinding IT! 💙
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Vanessa_Bell_Calloway_Fans Feb 20
Forgot to post here😳 FIERCE was today's word! Who else can rock this look and kill it like this?! She's fierce in so many different ways!
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Matt Ryan 23h
Replying to @aaroncarter
I love this look!
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Holly Feb 22
Never feel sassier than when I’ve just had my nails done 💅🏼
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Shelley Scarrow Feb 11
Replying to @emtothea
Wear (only) a scarlet sash for Scarlett Sasha
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EA Feb 8
In happier news... first bar muscle up? Does it count?
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Snowgoggles Feb 22
Replying to @bookvvitch
As you should be!
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