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One Y Films 📹 Jun 10
Don't Let Steal Your Happiness 💖✨
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FM by ProHealth Jun 7
It's hard not to overdo on those rare days when we feel good.
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ME/CFSCoach 5h
ME CFS 5 Steps For Doing More Safely Step 5: View Setbacks As Temporary
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El (has two letters in it) Jun 8
Coming off a couple of completely isolating flare days. Today I'm partially recovered. That's looked like: Wake at 11 a.m.; eat to line stomach for pain meds & anti-spasmodics; crosstown drive (first drive in almost 72 hrs.; difficult-to-incapacitating if done too often).
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Shelley Estes Pagach 2h
Replying to @meganma00412467
The only one I can answer definitely is hot over cold. Only because my does better with heat. But I love both coffee and tea, writing in notebooks and electronically. 😏
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cora ca$h (not flora cash but cora cash, get it?) Jun 14
that feeling when ur muscles finally decompress for the first time in 2+ weeks>>>>>>
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Amelia / AJ 9h
I feel like I got hit by a bus because I pushed too hard yesterday, have too many things I have to keep track of and do, and it's overwhelming me. One of those days where all I can do is rest.
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FM by ProHealth Jun 14
With fibromyalgia, our bodies can be hypersensitive to just about everything.
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Emma 🌻🌞 17h
Off to beamish for the day. Hip already hurts. Joy. Come on body be on my side today 🤞🤞
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Megan Alice Holms Jun 13
You want to know what my health took from me. Everything. I used to run in County X-Country for miles for fun at 11/12 yrs old. Now? I can barely run 150 meters and it takes me days to recover from that. Everything I loved got taken away. That’s and /ME and
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MyFibroTeam 11h
The #1 topic on MyFibroTeam is about 'Fibro fog.' Check out members sharing their advice on how to combat the memory and forgetfulness associated with this symptom:
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Beard & Wonderful ⭐⭐⭐🏆⭐⭐⭐ Jun 6
Shitty awful week so far
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that one girl 23h
Replying to @Rocky4President
Lol no worries, ty! Tbh, thst was hidden in my bank of my fog memory!
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A special mindfulness training program that “aims at enhancing participants’ health-promoting resources, strengthening their inner authority, and ability to act according to their own values” helped patients, acc’d to data
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Annie Christopher Jun 8
Replying to @Liz54505
I'm on sertraline and it's the best I've been on, and I've been on quite a lot at various times. My only advice would be to make sure you don't just stop taking it (as I did stupidly when I ran out) because it makes you feel really weird).
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Beard & Wonderful ⭐⭐⭐🏆⭐⭐⭐ Jun 12
that moment you realise its a bad fog day is when you discover youve poured coffee onto your cereal instead of milk
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🌻 Avery Jun 7
I haven't yet made it out of bed bc my body has decided today is not the one. it needed 12 hours sleep and it still isn't happy. Send energy.
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Jamie caldwell Jun 7
Can’t get over how much pain I’m in tonight :( FUCK
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shaza Jun 7
Replying to @Fibroman61
That’s what friends are for. 👍🏼
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Emma 🌻🌞 11h
Survived Beamish. Knackered but not in too much pain. Can still walk.
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