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#HousetheHomeless Mar 19
: lower voting age to 16, , , 3rd trimester , , , , tear down , the world only has ? Next they'll want to legalize .
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Lelena Mar 20
Replying to @LelenaPeacock
2) making the rounds as if it was a new proposal. So many states have proposed such similar legislation involving , including , it's quite easy to lose track! My humblest apologies. I still find that the ensuing conversation was productive & valuable, because I
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Stop The Pain NJ Mar 16
Often times pill pressers are being purchased online, synthetic opiates are being pressed & sold as “Oxy’s” or “Perks” but it’s really fentanyl. If you aren't getting a script from a doctor you literally have no idea what is in the pill you just purchased
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Wes 🙋🏼‍♂️🐶 Mar 23
, , and are all schedule 2 substances in the US because of their acceptable medical use; , which the government holds patents on for its medical use, is still schedule 1 because it has no medical use. Somebody explain that one.
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amylouise Mar 21
Replying to @aroehm128
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Hex Foster Mar 23
P.s. and people doesn't stop when the sun goes down. is safer then
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Alam Chaudry 17h
Replying to @DanRDimicco
I think American sadomasochists are obsessed to make great under the same rules of the game as the . It must be all the hallucinating agents that were available then and now marketed under & “Everyday Low Prices” at a near you or !
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Tony Sohl Mar 23
The news is doing a segment on the drug fentanyl. Very scary stuff! 'sDangerousFallout
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beth miller 23h
Replying to @mamaB16117
That's when I lost it! In tears and yelling. What happened to same meds, same doses for 15 years! i am not even using why are you doing this to me? your killing me!
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Voices for Awareness Foundation 7h
Your story will make a difference Benjamin Villanueva.
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chris berdos Mar 23
Replying to @jazzynaturist
“focusing on drugs that account for a small share of opioid-related fatalities...could increase the death toll by driving more nonmedical users into the black market, where the drugs are much more dangerous because their potency is highly variable and unpredictable”
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Just a Cog Mar 20
New probate filing today. One dead 25 year old from smoking something laced with . Departure from the usual suicide and traffic accidents.. for families no matter what the cause
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penny thompson Mar 19
Replying to @VanRELeaks
Why is that if bubble is fuelled by proceeds of crime?
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Lana Mar 20
Here Your changes “To Talk about, What No ones Talking about “ This country under a Fentanyl Epidemic, If taken cause almost instantly death . 119 people die everyday cause of it , 700,000 since 2013 .
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RescueShotCase® 19h
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Gabby Mar 20
You, & ARE NOT PHYSICIANS! Stay out of our healthcare! You’ve destroyed enough of it already. The PRIMARY factor in the opioid epidemic is across the southern border. FIX THAT (do your job) to address the matter.
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wee Mar 21
Replying to @TIME
Hope it's a plant producing .
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QueenOfHearts❤️ 9h
🎉 party
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Prayerfaithgod Mar 21
Yes....a popular older pop star assistant sold that out of her house. I was shocked but not surprised at all.
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sparkles Mar 23
1969 2019. RIP KEITH FLINT rock techno. Trance devil * death accidental overdose laced party drugs
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