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Patriotic Pollyanna 2h
It is unconstitutional to prohibit the desecration of the flag; and if she were a *real* Conservative, she'd know that!!
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Pieter Friedrich 4h
’s friendship with - while odd considering it developed between a 1-term congresswoman & prime minister of world’s 2nd largest country - is not the real problem. It’s the tip of the iceberg. The root of the problem goes far deeper to paramilitary.
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M 44m
Replying to @Liz_Cheney @AOC
AOC said nothing that is false. Opening Fort Sill as a "holding facility" is false. Military will have complete control with no oversight allowed. Stay in your lane...up trump's ass to try and make him look good.
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terryfletcher 14h
If fails in his attempt to lead the party he’s always got his day job to fall back on, modelling for the , which seems appropriate for someone who attended public school.
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An Alternative View 5h
The difference between a and a is the colour of the 's!
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Madam President Kamala Harris 🏳️‍🌈 12h
Replying to @marcorubio
You guys will stop at nothing to kill more Muslims, entire party of cowards fascinated by the death of poor brown people
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Mr Falkland 2h
Replying to @gustavomelella
You can claim as much, and as often as you like.. It only makes you an even bigger bloody liar, and a person with intentions.. It gets you nowhere..
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SuperStonerBoy 🍁🌹 Jun 16
war on logic may the see the wolves in sheep’s clothing
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Maureen Fitzsimmons Jun 16
Javid are a member of a party who are dictatorship
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💧💧💧Terry #NotABot#NotaRussianTroll Eureka 15h
‘I know nothing’: Peter Dutton pops his head up as timebomb ticks . In which this lies and lies and…
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Greg Silva 23h
and anyone who follows him is . They deserve the downfall that is slowly approaching. They are an embarrassment and shameful stain on this country.
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BHP Animal Watch 4h
This apology for an American President seeks to divide us all at home and abroad. He should be removed from office as fast as possible.
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ANPI Brescia 1h
Italy - poster with & Tolkien quote (“Deep roots are not reached by the frost”.) Antifascist watchdog : "Apology of fascism". Italy's Court of Cassation confirmed the - nature of Roberto Fiore's party in 2010/'11.
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cutthe.crap Jun 17
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Delicious🍒Divine 🍎🍇🍋🍊🍏🍉🍐🍓🍍🍒 17h
Replying to @LBC @ianpaynesport
This horrendous just needs
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Paul Fisher Jun 15
Replying to @MPIainDS
On the left phot the face of a On the right photo the face of
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Daniel Blake #JC4PM2019 4h
all trying to keep their status quo gravy train on the rails. is the only answer to the pathetic plaintive cries from the net-winners of . Keep the faith comrades.
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Hal Donahue 3h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
we are the majority and we will vote. Have your style rallies; we will see you at the polls
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ninJA MILitary 17h
Replying to @TomiLahren @foxnation
more regulations on free speech? how very of them/you
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Asma 20h
For him Parliament is cricket Pitch 😡
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