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Professor Laffin@Mirror 7h
Replying to @DMReporter @Thumbsuk
40% of Tory councillors are ?
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Mr. M 6h
⁩ This is CRAZY! No authority for this. New Mexico must stand for whats right and stop this! Bravo ⁦⁩ and ⁦⁩ for shutting them down!👏 “New Mexico militia group detains migrants at the border “-CNN
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Nathan Domaszek 2h
Replying to @RBReich
"Parrot his attack?" More like goose stepping in line
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Rob Loch Apr 19
Whatever will not dictate
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Ty Buchanan 3h
like are really . The supports the fascist . Is this indicative of Americans and French in their fascist tendencies? I think so! They do accept it while living free lives in the West.
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LDN_AirStrip1 11h
The Seperation of Powers has been OVERTAKEN by the Zionists who rule the & who are causing France to become a State Controlled Dictatorship run by Macron. The Media - Run by the Zionists - Will NOT show the World what is happening!
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Merrill Patton 8h
maybe someone should weaponize the fbi to spy on your #2020 campaign and slander you for two years? You’re a hypocritical, virtue signalling, fraud. second term for
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NarchaoticNarcissism⚙️ Apr 18
Fake outrage is exactly what you just did.. Private companies don't wear camo and GUNS and Masks. Fcuk off. This is playing with peoples lives, this is not a game! learn some history! This is how accidents happen!
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Deepak Ghanvatkar 9h
Bullshit the nation was formed in the name of religion and was run by majority whipping, minorities appeasement. Doubling Muslims percentage... Gangster run coalition of criminals like ; and daughter of soldier. That should continue⁉️😎 is it what you mean
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Stand Up To Racism Apr 12
Count Dankula want to be a MEP. He should fit in with Gerard Batten and his pall Join the day of action against Saturday 27 April
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Progressive Push 7h
FBI arrests member of RWNJ vigilante militia accused of detaining - “Today’s arrest by the FBI indicates clearly that the rule of law should be in the hands of trained law enforcement officials, not armed vigilantes,”
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Marc Ullman Apr 19
Replying to @RWPUSA @SebGorka
Was wearing that cute little pin he loves so much?
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Chris Heinz 14h
Replying to @67jewelCDH
Right is right. The utter disregard for the rule of law shown by the must be called out ASAP. The precedent set otherwise paves the way for a takeover, if not this demagogue, then the next. Gawd, surely hope this is a black swan never to be repeated.
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Db 13h
Because she represents the most dangerous of all philosophy and we don't want India to become a Nazi Germany....
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🇨🇦🤗🇨🇦 4h
Get him the HELL OUT of office!! is a and a 👇🏻
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Stand Up To Racism 16h
is back at the High Court on Tuesday 14 May. He is calling on his and supporters to gather. Help us take an message onto the streets of on the day.
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JerryCallaio Apr 19
This Sums Up The Entire Party!
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Duke Salman Khan Apr 19
Sham under terrorist Modi. Denying rights of self-determination to in makes a fraudulent
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Mark Allen Snow Apr 18
Replying to @RT_com
What a joke from the .. always the mysterious 'left'
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Chris Maukonen Apr 18
Replying to @peern2
A democrat.
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