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Jason E Pippenger 2h
From the party of
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Mark D. VandenBerg 2h
Well no wonder she flipped on him! "Federal prosecutors alleged late Monday that Rep. Duncan Hunter illegally used campaign funds to carry on extramarital affairs with three lobbyists, a congressional aide and one of his staffers."
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🌈 26m
Replying to @samstein @Rep_Hunter
are merely lip service.
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Todd Taulman 1h
I'm guessing the is super proud of their rising star
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Wayne 4h
Wow! Guess this explains why Duncan Hunter's wife flipped. Oh the party of and
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jf 3h
So much on my timeline today. 🙄
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Katie Rosa 2h
Duncan Hunter Used Campaign Funds for Affairs: Prosecutors | Time right?
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day by day, bird by bird™️ 1m
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Jeff Wiersma 54m
1st thing that comes to Trump’s mind: “I can try to deny raping her by saying she’s not my type.” People with calibrated moral compasses: “What awful kind of person says that?!?” : *crickets chirping*
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Lorna M. Gilkey 2h
Replying to @splinter_news
Gotta love those trumpublicans! 😒
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WokeUpLikeThis 53m
Is this where jumps in to declare that God helped Duncan Hunter get elected and that these affairs are "nobody's business"? Just curious who gets the Graham hall pass on adultery and what the standards are.
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Cheri #VoteBlue 🌊 6m
Replying to @TeaPainUSA
What? Another hypocritical ? Say it isn't so. The party of and is rotten to the core.
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The Porter 2h
Replying to @jbarro
All of them? 🤷‍♂️
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Liz Flowers 6m
I had a completely different understanding of
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Ronnie 2h
Replying to @politico @Rep_Hunter
wait was that wrong? should he not have done that?
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Rachel B 6h
Replying to @samstein
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Mike C 59m
Replying to @NYinLA2121
Don't forget From your moral friends at the GOP
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Colin Rowe 3h
Replying to @samstein @shaunking
The party strikes again.
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Mrs. John Milton 1h
Replying to @joncoopertweets
Ha, and he says they are the "deep state" ha, he's just a sleazy Republican. Stealing campaign funds for your own affairs. My gosh, how low.
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Harveen 8h
Replying to @MollyMcKew
Maybe because Trump supporters & Republicans generally are ok with / think there's no problem with sexual assault and rape? Can't think of any other reason why they're so silent on this. The things you don't speak up for are the things that you tell us don't matter.
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AJL 5h
Replying to @psychdr100
There's that good ole scummy party for you. And these self righteous assholes have the audacity to preach biblical nonsense and pretend thy're some kind of moral authority over everyone. They're all a bunch of scumbags.
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