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Beat the Hawkeyes - 2019 Sep 26
I believe the protest is officially over.
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Coach K Watson Feb 9
So where are the post with everyone burning their GUCCI stuff???? 😂😂😂
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Katrina Schmitt Mar 14
Replying to @Suntimes
😆🤣😅 Makes total sense!! 😂🤣😂
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🦋Cynthia🦋 5 Oct 17
Don't go stirring the pot then start crying you got burned!
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Bob Young 8 Oct 17
Replying to @TopherSpiro @djquinlan
Makes me wonder why the Russians would feel need to sow division. They can sit back and let these morons do it.
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is it bedtime yet? 🌘 28 Sep 17
Replying to @ActualEPAFacts
Bet you got those digital tickets though, eh?
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CKT 24 Sep 17
Ray Lewis kneeling is a joke! He's pictured here praying that his check isn't taken away.
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Kokoduck 21h
The cosplay protestors from hkpolice,spray the brand board in front of the tsim sha tsui police station. Then RAN into the station, the press all seen that.
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Liddle' Blue Rogue Five Leader johnnymags 8 Oct 17
So a staged a encouraged by a .
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Hariharan Senthilkumar 🇮🇳 ஹரிஹரன் 🇮🇳 हरिहरण Nov 17
This Scene Reflects some Fake Environmentalists real Face & Intension & what they actually doing for the Society & make the attention With the public For the Fame..
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Satyavachan 19 Apr 18
Replying to @prakashraaj
Such a fail! none of this is in UK. White lies by a national award winning actor. Proves. you really are an excellent actor, lying is in your nature.
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Nick 18 Oct 17
Replying to @ProFootballTalk
So the anthem stunt is an act to coerce someone into employing Kaepernick?
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Cu Grow India 3 Sep 18
Oxford researcher Bradshaw warn India fake-news :Social media a key platforms wer disinformation is spreading ,"India, A stronger culture using whatsapp user-curated public & private groups are a common way to connect vth friends,family & broader community”
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mark windows Feb 7
For more on the entitled extinction rebellion corporate backed farce go to
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The Cec' Pitt Oct 17
Replying to @DeBeardo
Why protest and disrupt in a country that has already been made aware? Why not take your protest to a country that NEEDS to be made aware? Oh I know, because here you'll be smiled at, while there, well you'll never see daylight again. = if you're willing
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HolliWinters 19 Oct 17
Replying to @AaronQ13Fox
People who protest the NFL didn't watch it before!
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The Trading Sheep May 24
Replying to @BoycottsBat
I would say these kids really care about the cause if they done their protest on a Saturday or Sunday... these co-ordinated marches / protests on school days is nothing more than a day off school Let’s see how many would attend on a Saturday or a Sunday?
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The Rightist Singhvi🇮🇳 26 Apr 18
: 13 children died in a train-school van collision. As the CM of UP Yogi visited the site People started protesting✊ gave epic response: “Narebaazi band karo, nautanki band karo” Driver busy with music what was Yogi fault?😬
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Adrienne N Edwards 24 Sep 17
Replying to @CNN
Look like a bunch of guys afraid to lose their jobs to me! Failed protest to spite Trump, not an Injustice!
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🌈 🔶christian martin proud big-girls-blouse #FBPE 8 Oct 17
Replying to @joshgad
Errr man walks out in protest at other people protesting - the moral high ground is glad he left -
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