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RonnaDittman Sep 17
You stood in a ditch of water to make it appear it was like that everywhere. It is horrible there, but you still lied and misled. Why couldn’t you have just reported the truth.
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James Woods 12h
No better poster child for than this mincing clown...
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Kayode Ogundamisi 6h
. joins Bros DID NOT ban the use of Smartphone around the polling unit areas, but the moment a prospective voter entered voting cubicle to cast his or her vote. IT'S TO MITIGATE 'See and buy" voter's snapping sheet as evidence 4 payment. 🙄🙄🙄
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Renaldo Gouws 2h
I have over 250 videos on Youtube... Anyone can cut and edit a 10 minute video into a 30 second clip to make me seem like I am either BLF member or a Front Nationaal Member. Don't fall for the obvious trap. happens because you can choose to fall for it... or not.
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Kayode Ogundamisi Sep 17
Agbero! Tuto e danu! won't dear call me his boy. He met me on the barricades. NOTHING personal against him. I understand he's not pleased I was the first to expose his He's free to back MESUJAMBA but his LIES wont go unanswered.
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Keith Barrett Sep 17
Replying to @RealSaavedra @CNN
Nobody said this was during Florence, and regardless which storm it is from it is still staged . When says it "goes there", they must mean acting class. 😏
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Levi DuPerow 🐊🐶 5h
needs to remember.... Even Air Force One ✈️ looks SMALL, when it's parked in the GRAND CANYON.......💯😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Samuel Clark 10h
Bill Shorten just said that "not everyone" watches . This is all watch us, right? right?......right?
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True News 19h
Alert | uses misleading quote on
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UK in Finland 3h
Delighted to have and over this morning for discussions on threats to businesses and : developing cyber expertise and international cooperation is crucial.
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Ayn Banned 5h
Replying to @LaJuliciousOne @CNN
So why not in the summer? Why not before this week even? My guess is this is more .
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Isabelle Khurshudyan 13h
Travis Boyd is listed *everywhere* as a left-shot, which would of course make him a left-handed draw, which isn't ideal because Caps already have three left-handed centers. BUT EVERYTHING IS WRONG. HE'S A RIGHT-SHOT.
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Elizabeth🌊 20h
Replying to @marklevinshow
Completely debunked. Shame on you because you know it's a lie. Also, the tech on the left side of the photo DIED a year ago! You and your ilk are putting that man's family through a lot of unnecessary pain just to spread and that's just evil
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Swati Chaturvedi 23h
Mohandas has become a embarrassment
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Emily Larsen 19h
Replying to @emilyelarsen
Some people argue it doesn't matter that the photo is old, it still shows Anderson Cooper being dishonest CNN and exaggerating the flooding. IMO, knowing all the facts, he did a great job showcasing the reality of the treatcherous flood. ➡️
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Council of Europe 3h
Yascha Mounk: roadmap - attack corrupt self-serving political elites. Delegitimization of any disagreement. In office, blame opposition for being traitors and media. Leads to “illiberal democracy.”
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Sai Deepak J 6h
I agree :-) thanks to King , I have been getting calls from the media since 8 am, so I had to put out the clarification :-) and I am laughing my guts out at his stupidity because now the entire Tamil media knows me, if they weren't aware of my existence :-p
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Jeff Pearlman 10h
For the brainwashed fools accusing me of , here's letter wrote in 1985, congratulating himself for signing to USFL and insisting the league's other owners pay his salary. The Mexico Wall, 30 years before the Mexico Wall
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Law & Crime Sep 17
OP-ED: Here’s Some About Christine Blasey Ford’s Parents That Needs to be Debunked via
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Randy Wilson 22h
Well at least he stood in a ditch to get the effect!! Unlike Jimmy Boy! This pic pretty much sums up CNN!
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