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FakeNewsWH Sep 24
Replying to @ACLU
Call! Let's get the over!!
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Nancy Pelosi Mar 26
Remember: our Founding Fathers intended for the people’s representatives in the House to control how our government spends taxpayer dollars. 248 members of the House voted to end Trump’s today.
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Dinesh D'Souza Jan 21
A peaceful demonstration is described as one that was “deescalated” by “teams” without which there would have been a “volatile situation.” Lies upon lies to justify a
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Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Sep 27
✅PASSED! We just voted to hold this President accountable for stealing taxpayer dollars from schools and our military for a wasteful wall. He threatened our national security and bypassed our democracy, and we are not standing for it.
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Chris Hyman #DownBallot 🗳 Apr 10
Trump’s abuse of power in declaring his is harming our country. Trump’s manufactured crisis is causing a real crisis of confidence as military officials express alarm that he is putting troop readiness at risk.
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Skyleigh #RegisterToVote🗳 Sep 5
Replying to @Sky_Lee_1
Here are the projects that have had their funding stolen for his wall. not Mexico or some other scam. abuse of power & final kick to the face of the military & their families🆘
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Sara Apr 10
Replying to @RepAdamSchiff
We’ve got you! keep up the good fight and know you’ve got the Nation’s support!
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Michael Ⓜ️ Apr 5
This is what the Dotard pins to his Twitter during the “National Emergency”.
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Impeachments* Are Forever Jun 25
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Tillis criticized your -- though it's now a real crisis because of YOUR incompetence.
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Rep. Juan Vargas Apr 5
Replying to @RepJuanVargas
Trump's has gone on long enough. If it wants to protect the lives of the American people, it is time this Administration start prioritizing our environment and the effects of climate change. (5/5)
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Anne Fanning Apr 14
Replying to @daveweigel
Trump has been driving up the numbers of asylum seekers presenting themselves at the border by recklessly claiming that he’s shutting the border and creating false urgency. There are real impacts to his .
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Kim ☮️ Apr 22
Something suddenly reminded Trump of his .... Did he notice that is trending at #1 and has been trending #1 for the past three days?? 😁
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Mariam Sep 25
BREAKING: A majority of the U.S. Senate votes to terminate 's at the U.S. southern border. 🔥 It’s their second attempt to stop this hate-driven, unconstitutional power grab & evasion of Congress’s sole power to appropriate $$.
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SewAlways Sep 27
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Raul M. Grijalva Feb 14
Trump's declaration is nothing more than a that allows him to steal military funds to build his border wall. The only national emergency is Donald Trump in the White House.
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Raul M. Grijalva Apr 10
Congress already denied the president funds for his vanity wall, so he used his to begin construction that does nothing for security and only fulfills a campaign promise.
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medit8now Aug 14
Replying to @kylegriffin1
I'm sure he will be right on it.
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Eddie Muddy Oct 11
I just wanted to remind everyone that we’re still in a state of emergency! You remember the EMERGENCY don’t you? Trump needed troops and billions of dollars because of the
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Senator John Cornyn Apr 25
I don’t see or hear anyone claiming that there is a at the border now
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Darlene A. Jun 19
Really? No accountability. Just pass it. We don't need data to see if it helps anything. Why? Because it's about $$$. It's about lining the state coffers with massive amounts of cash that will be spent on pet projects. SMDH!
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