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Arjun 21h
Yessss...People are slowly recognising what is. She is same since day 1. Rahul is exposed by explaining his sympathy strategy. Vithika exposed Varun behaviour. And these people talk of ...😑 Who don't even have that eligibility.
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Baltic Queen Sep 18
account using My pictures. Please report and block this idiot
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alo 12h
my family’s going to the dodger game & didn’t invite me:( HOW FUCKING RUDE it be your own family
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jacques Sep 20
Thank you babi😘❣️
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Joye Nurre Sep 20
So ridiculous! What a goofball! He’s trying to be so relevant!
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Rudolf 3h
India's Sons: Charged falsely, acquitted, but never really free Updated: Sep 22, 2019, 07:47 ISTPrutha BhosleMumbai In a post world, what does a documentary on men who have been falsely accused of sexual harassment mean? Journalist- Deepika discusses India's Sons.
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N.I.G BOSS For De KiNGz Only Sep 18
When you find a girl on IG & you see the difference in real life what will you do 😢
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Digital applications increase efficiency and improve service quality. Recently, the number of contactless payments using NFC has increased (via smartphones, bracelets, and smartwatches).
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funnyxay Sep 19
They Gone Support You 🤦🏿‍♂️ .....Until You PASS THEM 💰🚶🏾‍♂️ ..
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Chijioke N Ezechi Sep 20
Everyone are hinting at only the Hausa Fulanis are not. You need to read what published in the name of addressing gullible Nigerians. But am glade that many are waking up gradually. His mandate reclaiming have shown people whom he is.
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One smile hidden million of tears..
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Silas Salvatore Sep 17
Stefan Salvatore New to character but not RP Descriptive Writer Ships with chem Looking for Mains Fandom Flexible AU Friendly DM To Plot RT please ? Dark Themes Trigger Warnings Smut Warningsy
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Save Our Scouse Cats Sep 16
Not true. Steal other people's photos from Reddit etc. & make it up as they go along. Sometimes he has a wife, sometimes he has a girlfriend, sometimes his old cats have died, sometimes he's just got his first ever cat or kitten. Playing on people's emotions for likes. .
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Purchasing counterfeit products its a crime. It is illegal under French law not only to buy or sell counterfeit goods but also to own them. The photo is from the border between Geneva and France/Lyon.
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DSL1984 18h
But the 🌎 has movie 🍿 and cgi images and cartoon science 🤦‍♀️ balls flying around fake
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Hero Sep 19
So Abbie went from I want to marry you and have kids to I feel nothing, I’m not in love and I don’t care in 0.5 seconds 😬
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பட்சி🤨 12h
Srilanka la innum perusa online booking method varala even in Colombo. Counter ticket method ah vechi evlo accurate ah collection track panna mudiyathu so this is dubakoor reports (With counter booking u can't tell the collection)
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MAR-A-LAGO Comedy 19h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Polls 🤣🤣 America hates you
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Lets Play TRUTH Sep 21
Replying to @nick_thyme
from top to bottom which teenager has the money to be world traveler? sure as hell no homeless? am I right?
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The International Sep 20
Replying to @JustinTrudeau
Can you reflect for half a second and engage your two brain cells ? The crime you speak of has absolitely nothing to do with restricted rifles. You may not do anymore but you are still a champion of poor judgement. .
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